8 Tips to Help You Spend Less Time Cleaning this Summer


Summer is here and let’s be honest, no one wants to be cooped up inside all day cleaning away. Follow these 8 simple tips and tricks to keeping your home cleaner, longer.

  1. Ventilate your bathroom for 20 minutes after you shower by opening a window. This will cut back on the mildew and mold growth in your shower.
  2. Cut down on your lawn care. Many people do not know if you keep your grass blades longer in the summer it minimizes the amount of care your lawn will need. The shorter the grass the more watering it will need, so keep a little length in your lawn during the summer to keep it green and alive!
  3. Cut back on vacuuming and sweeping. Put out floor mats at the threshold of all entrances and encourage all who enter to wipe their feet, or even better take off their shoes! When the floor mat gets dirty just throw it in the wash!
  4. Less time spent doing wash, more time spent in the pool. There are many items that can be worn or used more than once before throwing in the wash. Bath towels can easily be used a few times before washing as long as you hang dry after each use. Jeans are also very easy to wear twice before washing. The heavy-duty material can withstand a day or two or activity saving you detergent, water, and energy.
  5. Avoid over moping wood floors. Wood floors should not be wet cleaned too often. It is safe to vacuum most wood floors regularly and spot clean stains when you see them. No need to bring out the mop every few days, that is only more work for you and more wear and tear on your floors.
  6. Clean as you go, and get the whole family on board! The key to a clean house is to treat messes right as they appear. From washing the table right after you eat, to running the dishwasher before you go to bed by making sure each mess is cleaned right as it happens you don’t have to feel guilt going on that spontaneous day trip or swim in the pool.
  7. Make it a habit of dusting every few days. Keep a duster where it is easy to access and make it a habit to run it over your shelves, and furniture every 2-4 days. This will prevent large amounts of dust from building up. 10 minutes spent every few days on dusting is much more efficient than hours spent wiping layers of dust off your shelves, not to mention the amount of paper towel and sneezing that is involved in that.
  8. Throw a scrubbing mitt in your shower. There is no better time to give your shower walls a wipe down than when you are already in them. Keep a microfiber mitt under your sink and while you are in there give your walls and faucet a quick wipe down. This prevents soap scum build up and will keep your shower looking sparkling clean.

Forming good habits is the key to a clean and organized lifestyle. By making it a priority to stay on top of your cleaning habits you will notice how second nature it becomes to wash your dish right after your meal, or scrub your shower before you wash your hair. Good habits make for good results, peace of mind, and more time to spend doing what you love this summer.

Great Events this Weekend! (March 2nd)

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Nothnagle is in the News!

Exciting things are happening at Nothnagle Realtors! Read more in the Democrat and Chronicle article below featuring our newly launched “Income Advantage” Program.

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To Buy or To Build?

The purchase of a home is usually the largest investment one will make. It is not an easy decision and for many people it can take years in order to make sure they are making the right choice. One of the first questions a home buyer will ask themselves is am I going to buy, or build? Each side has different pros and cons so let us take a look at what they are.


Should you buy?

The most obvious benefit of buying a home is the time and convenience factor. If you are eager and ready to move into a home as soon as possible, buying a home instead of building is most likely the choice you will make. Once a lender has approved you, you can shop around, pick a home that is right for you, make an offer and move in. Of course enlisting the help of an agent will also assure the process moves as quick and easy as possible.

In most cases, buying a home also has a lower cost than building a home from the ground up. Most people do not think about the added expenses of building a home. When searching for a home take into consideration the landscaping, lighting, window treatments and finishes that comes with a preexisting home. Even the grass and driveway are expenses that many people do not take into consideration when leaning towards building a new home.

Obviously, with the positives there comes the negative side to purchasing a home instead of building. Many times, you will not get the exact house that you always hoped for. Weather the 3rd bedroom is not quite large enough, or the counter tops are black instead of neutral, these cosmetic choices are the choices you are missing out on making when purchasing a home. With that being said, the cosmetic features are usually never permanent and can always be changed in the future. With an older home may also come repairs, cleaning, labor and time spent to make it perfect for you. This effort can be done over time and does not have to be rushed   It is always recommended to have a pre inspection done before purchasing a home so that you do not run into any hidden surprises.

Should you build?

Many people dream about their perfect home from a young age, built to perfection with exactly what they want where they want it. These dreamers and patient people are usually the ones you will see breaking ground to build their home from scratch!

From the counter tops, to light fixtures, to appliances and wall color building a home from the ground up will involve every bit of your opinion, and two cents. The result of this involvement will be a dream home with all the bells and whistles. You can move right in without lifting a tool. Not to mention you can rest easy with the knowledge that your brand new home will be healthy and safe to live in.

As this all sounds amazing, but there also comes the downside to such a beautiful result. Sure you get to pick out the appliances and wall color, but first you must find a plot of land, in the right (and available) neighborhood. Permits must be made and approved in order to break ground and even get started on the decorating process which in perspective could be months away.  Building a home from the ground up can take anywhere from 6 months to over a year. In most cases, you are taking a huge gamble that depends on weather, your builder, contracts, and simply luck.

The cost is also a large unknown factor in the process of building a home to your perfection. When purchasing a home you see the sticker price with usually little to no surprises. Building a home involves some more wiggle room with your budget in case you choose the more expensive granite, or decide to throw in a fireplace in your living room. There are many ways to avoid a building disaster by checking in on references of builders and covering your bases to make sure you are working with a dependable company.

So, Should You Buy, or Build?

The answer is completely up to you. It is clear that the decision to buy or build a home depends on your individual desires, goals, schedule, and financial status. Each option has its own pros and cons. If you are ‘pro’ building- a great way to sum up the decision is with time, patience, and lots of decisions you may end up with the house of your dreams. On the other hand if you are ‘pro’ buying- you can look at it as with an easy transaction, you can be living in a home that is perfect for you in a short period of time. You can spend all the time you want on making that home your dream. So, before breaking ground go search the market who knows your dream home may already be out there waiting for you to find it!

If you are interested in buying a home and would like to weigh your options contact a Nothnagle Agent today. Nothnagle has also collaborated with some of the top new home builders in our area. Let a highly qualified Nothnagle agent guide you through your search, and ensure that your new home is the perfect match for your budget and lifestyle. Weather you build your dream home or find it fully furnished we can help you every step of the way! Click here to read more about how Nothnagle Realtors can help you build your dream home. 

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Fun Ideas For a Summer Spent in Rochester NY!

summer2015One thing about living in upstate New York is the summer days seem to fly by at the speed of lighting. We find ourselves trying to cram as much activity and excitement into one summer in order to take advantage of the few short months we have. Here are a few things to do this summer to get you out-and-about and enjoying this beautiful city!

Visit a Red Wings game at Frontier field! What is better than hot dogs, fried dough, great music, fireworks and best of all a game of baseball! They have games throughout the week and into the weekend to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules!

Go to the Zoo! The zoo is not only a place to keep your children busy and entertained. zooThe Seneca Park Zoo offers great fun for kids and adults too! Try the Zoo Brew with your friends. Cold drinks and cool animals? Sounds like a great time!

Museums! Let’s face it, when living in Rochester New York not every summer day will be 80 and sunny. On those rainy days, visit a museum or landmark! You would be amazed at the amount of museums Upstate New York has to offer. Here is a list of just a few museums, landmarks, and fun places that are totally worth a day spent inside!

  • The Strong National Museum of Play
  • The Rochester Museum and Science Center
  • National Susan B. Anthony Museum
  • The George Eastman House
  • The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
  • The Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Genesee Brew House

Explore! Spend a day at one of our many parks or water trails in a variety of locations throughout the area. It is amazing to see how much beauty and nature is in one area. From Cobbs Hill to the Erie Canal there are so many options for a nice long hike or stroll. Here are a few ideas:park

  • The Genesee River Trailway
  • Cobbs Hill Park
  • Highland Botanical Park
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • The Charlotte Pier (Grab some Abbotts Frozen Custard while you’re there!)
  • Ontario Beach Park
  • Turning Point Park
  • The Erie Canal Trail

Amusement parks!! It is not a summer without at least one day spent at an amusement park drenched in sun screen, eating dip-n-dots, and riding some rides. Spend a day at Seabreze Amusement Park or take a trip to Darien Lake.

Cool off! The kids are off from school and you are constantly looking for a fun place to cool off and enjoy a sunny day. There are a variety of places to take your kids to enjoy the sun, water, and sand. Splash Parks are a fun and safe way to let your kids run around, meet friends, and have a great time! Pineway Ponds Park in Spencerport and the Greece Community Center offer great splash parks! Charlotte Beach is a great place to lay out your towel and umbrella and enjoy a day in the sun.

The Finger Lakes! The Finger Lakes are a quick drive and offer a number of wine trails, restaurants, and great towns that make for a perfect day trip!fingerlakes

Get out on the water! There are a number of rental companies that offer fun water activities. From paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, and row boats there is nothing better than a day spent on the water, in the sunshine and with the company of a friend or family member! Here are a few rental companies in the area:

  • Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts (Irondequoit Bay)
  • Erie Canal Boat Company (Erie Canal)

It is amazing to think about all the places, museums, parks, and landmarks that upstate New York has to offer. The summer days go by quickly, so enjoy ever last minute! Get out there and explore the area!!

Nothnagle Home Services is looking to Expand Their Team of Partners!

Nothnagle Home Services is looking for a variety of local business affiliates to join their Home Services Program!


Nothnagle Home Services is a lifetime service available to our current and past clients. We save clients the time and trouble of searching for professional, reliable products and services by connecting them with trusted contractors, service providers, and retailers for all of their home-related needs.

Whether it is flooring, painting, repairs, cleaning, lawn care, appliances, insurance, moving, internet, phone service, etc. our clients Get More with Nothnagle Home Services! They are looking for local partners in the following industries:

  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • House Cleaning
  • General Contracting
  • Repair Person or Handyman


For more information on the program and to view a list of partners click here.

If you or anyone you know is interested on growing their client list and partnering with Nothnagle Home Services feel free to send an email, call 1-866-295-MOVE, or click here to fill out an inquiry form today!

10 Tips for Successfully Approaching an Open House


If you are on a search for your dream home stepping foot into an open house can be overwhelming. There is so much to take it you may not know where to start. If you are serious about your house hunt each open house you go to should be important. Having a game plan of what to concentrate on will help you find your perfect house and feel good about it every step of the way!

Here are some tips to keep in mind while visiting an open house…

  1. What to bring along= Notebook, camera, tape measure. With the number of houses you are viewing, it is easy to get them all mixed up. Writing down the specs and details of each home as you walk through will help you to go home and truly analyze what you just saw. If you are bringing furniture and appliances into your new home, a tape measure will help assure you that your belongings are a good fit for your new property.
  2. Avoid bringing large purses and distracting items. You want your hands to be free of distractions and have enough space to move around in small areas such as closets, bathrooms and hallways if your purse tends to be similar in size to a carry-on bag think twice about lugging it around that day.
  3. Focus on the details not the “fluff”. It comes as second nature to step foot in a home and automatically look at the décor. When house hunting this is something that you have to avoid. Everyone’s style is different and this can be very apparent when entering a stranger’s home. Try your best to focus on the structure not the things that will be going with the old owners.
  4. Take note of storage space. Check for closets, pantries and cabinet space. An empty open house can be very deceiving so try to picture your belongings in every room to make sure there is enough space to accommodate your things.
  5. Listen for road traffic, and noise. Take a second and turn off any music playing in the home, listen for road noise and other sounds that may come to attention. It is very easy to drown out unwanted noise with music and chatter; these permanent features of a home are what you want to be aware of before making any further decisions.
  6. Think ahead. Plan your wardrobe accordingly, not every open house allows you to keep your shoes on. Avoid wearing shoes that take a lot of time to slip on and off. That will save you lots of time and energy when going from room to room or house to house.
  7. Monitor your commentary. Be cautious of what you say when still on the property. Many times the owner actually does not leave the area for their open house. No matter what the comment if it could rub someone the wrong way, keep it inside. You do not want any harsh feelings held towards you if you may plan to make an offer on the house.
  8. Educate yourself about the property before entering. Know how many days it has been on the market. Knowing these details will give you a leg up if you end up wanting to make an offer. With that being said, if you have any unanswered questions about the home feel free to pick the showing agent’s brain. They are there to answer any questions you may have, so ask them while you have the chance!
  9. You will not offend your realtor so be honest with them! Do not hold back when voicing your opinion about a property to your agent. Keep in mind that is not their property and they need to hear what you like and dislike in order to help find you the perfect home. No detail is too small so do not hold back.
  10. Do not go alone! If passing an open house that may be of interest to you stopping by and popping in may be a great idea, but think twice before you do. Not only is it unsafe, but it can be a huge waste of time. The property may be appealing from the outside but can be out of your price range. You also run the risk of appearing to the seller as unrepresented making them believe that they may have a leg up in the bargaining department. You have an agent for a reason and that is so they can help guide you, give you the knowledge you need, and properly represent you in these situations. If you happen to see a home that is of interest to you, take the number down and give it to your agent. They will do the work to make sure it is a property worth viewing.

The house hunting process is a very important one. Take your time and make sure you are 100% prepared and ready. If you make sure to take all precautions, you will find your dream home in no time. If you are looking to buy a home or have any questions about the process Click here to be matched up with an agent who fits your specific needs! Nothnagle REALTORS makes your home search as easy as possible. Click here to view the upcoming open houses in your area. blogRealtor

First Steps to Growing Your Real Estate Business Using Social Media

sm-to-find-a-jobReal estate is a business in which success is often based on face to face interactions with your clients. However, as social media has grown and practically taken over the world there is a completely new area of opportunity for Real Estate success. For many agents and people alike social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a completely foreign and confusing world. The truth is, social media is what you make of it. There are plenty of benefits to having and keeping up with a Twitter or Facebook page. Here are a few steps to keep in mind as you jump feet first into the social media pool.

The first step is creating your account. Stick to one at a time this way you will give yourself time to get comfortable with one before you add another. Whether your first account is a Facebook page, Twitter account, or LinkedIn is completely up to you, your desires and which you feel will give you the reach and exposure you are looking for. If you are looking for insight on what each site is all about Impact Branding & Design has a great article on the difference between each social media outlet.

Once you have created your account, don’t freak out. Many people are afraid to even begin creating an account because of the fear that they do not have the number of ‘friends’ or ‘likes’ that they need to be successful. Keep in mind Rome wasn’t built in a day! You will not wake up and have thousands of friends and followers, that will come with hard work and dedication to your page. Quantity isn’t always better either, it may not be the best idea to be friends with everyone you know if you don’t feel they will benefit you or vice versa. Concentrate on making your connections circled around your target audience. Ask yourself, Do they have posts I am interested in viewing? Will they be interested in what I have to say? Are they active on this social media site?

Connect with industry leaders. After all, they are leaders for a reason and can most likely help guide you with ideas on what you can do to make your presence on social media more profound. Following their pages is not always enough, you have to take the time to read what they post. Read blogs, posts, and articles that you see are relevant to your area of business. Facebook LinkedIn TwitterCommenting on posts and interacting with the people in your industry will not only gain you exposure it will give you credibility and lots of insight.

Take advantage of the search engine. Search and use relative hashtags in your posts. Searching titles such as “realtor” or “real estate agent” will give you a better focus for who you should be interacting with. Search by a specific location, company, demographic, and interest to focus in on who you want to connect and interact with. If you are having trouble figuring out where to begin find a friend or connection who has many of the same interests and goals as you, browse through their page looking at who they are connected with and what they post about. This will narrow down your search as you may be amazed at how many connections and mutual friends you can find by doing so.

Share relevant information. Whether it is a blog about the increase in home prices, or an article about home improvement projects; share it! You want to be seen by your followers and friends and the only way to do so is if you are posting. Encourage your followers to interact with you using statements such as “what do you think about this?” or “Check this out!” The interactions and putting your name out there will build your presence and overall benefit your social media use.

Once you have begun to feel comfortable with your following, friends, and focus you will see how second nature it becomes to open your app and check out what is new. Some agents use their social media to post pictures and details of Open Houses; some prefer to keep it to strictly posting general real-estate information. The decision whether or not to post open houses, Broker’s Opens, and new properties is completely up to you and your audience. The key to having successful posts is to think, “will the people I follow be interested in this post?”, “will posting this be a benefit to me?” Asking yourself questions before posting will help tremendously with deciding what is necessary and beneficial to you.

The key to being successful on social media is the fact that you cannot expect results right away. The long-term payoffs of building your brand and sticking to social media even when you feel no one is listening can be well worth your time. Realizing that technology is taking over the way many people conduct business is a lot to handle and it can be very overwhelming. At the end of the day you have to do what you are comfortable with. Social media accounts are what you make of them, if you put in the effort you will see results. If you feel social media is not the path for you, that is okay! Giving it a shot is the first step, that’s why there is always the option to delete your account. So why not step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot?


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