The Showings Must Go On!


With a mild winter so far in Rochester, NY many were hoping the snow would stay away for as long as possible. The truth is, when you live in New York State you are bound to be hit with snow eventually. But, for the Real Estate world the showings must go on! Here are some tips for showing a home in the winter months.

  1. Make sure to clear the driveway and use extra salt. Homes that are vacant may not have a plow service or shoveled driveway. Make sure to clear driveways and put down salt to avoid any slipping. Make sure to show up with plenty of time to set the thermostat higher and warm up the home.
  2. Light up the home. In the winter months, it gets darker much quicker. Turn on all the lights in the home and even light some candles to brighten things up.
  3. Turn on the fireplace and make it as cozy as possible. Serving up some hot coco and coffee for when people enter the home is a great way to warm up potential buyers.
  4. Make it clear to take shoes off. In the winter months the slush, salt and snow can ruin a wood floor. Make it clear to those entering the home that they must remove shoes before entering. This will keep for a clean and dry home. Have paper towels or rags at the door to help people keep the floors, and their feet dry.
  5. Enjoy the company of serious buyers. A major benefit of winter showings are you are most likely to have more serious buyers show up. There will be much less window-shopping in the chilly months. Less traffic and more commitment will help you with a speedy showing.

Bundle up, stay warm and plan ahead. A little snow on the ground will not scare away a serious buyer. Keep in mind, living in Upstate New York we were raised to handle the snow!

Tuesday Town Spotlight: The Town of Brighton


Upstate New York is full of beautiful towns, cities, and villages and each is very different and unique. In order to help our readers become more familiar with the area, we will be spotlighting a town in the Rochester, Buffalo and surrounding areas periodically throughout the month.This week’s town spotlight will be on the town of Brighton, New York.

  • 15.6 Square Miles
  • Population 36,568
  • Median Home Price $170,200
  • Brighton Public schools spend $18,976 per student (Average school expenditure in the U.S is $12,435)

Brighton has some of the most beautiful and prestigious addresses in the Rochester area. Many CEOs live in the Ambassador/Sandringham neighborhood and those streets are a “can’t miss” when visiting. While the southern part of the town is more middle-class, the northern part, near East Avenue, houses some of the best architecture around. Over the years, town leaders have put a priority on preserving parkland for common use. Wild turkeys can sometimes be seen in the fields just north of the 590.

Brighton is known for its large Jewish population and Monroe Ave bagel bakeries. The Monroe Avenue corridor is probably considered the town’s “Main Street”. It houses a multitude of great local establishments. Key  commercial strips include the northern end of West Henrietta Road and parts of South Winton Road. The Twelve Corners, where Monroe Avenue, South Winton Road and Elmwood Avenue intersect, is a busy commercial and civic center.

You’ll find Monroe Community College in southern Brighton. There are also several private schools located in Brighton, including McQuaid Jesuit High School, The Harley School and [WWW] Our Lady of Mercy High School. New arrivals in Rochester often find Brighton to be a desirable place to live because the Brighton Central School District enjoys a reputation as one of the best in the area, if not in the state. Brighton High School is the local public high school. Newsweek ranked it #47 in the nation in 2005.

If you are looking to move to Rochester, NY and would like to view homes in the town of Brighton, follow the link.

The information above was taken from The People’s Guide to Rochester.

New Year, New Career!

New Years Resolution: Find Dream Job

With 2016 approaching now is the time to make a career change if you have been debating on doing so. Real Estate is a very exciting business. It is one of the very few careers where you have total control over your own personal success and wealth. If you are looking to have more control and flexibility over your life, consider these top reasons to become a Real Estate Agent.

The harder you work, the more money you make. For most careers, you are on salary or paid by the hour. In real estate, this is not the case. For the most part, you have total control over your income. The beauty of real estate is you can work to make it a full time career, and become very successful doing so. The harder you work the more you make. It is as simple as that.

Real estate is perfect for a growing family. Many people join the real estate world for the fact that it is typically not an ‘office job’. You have the flexibility to make your own work schedule. For working parents this is the perfect way to balance your career while juggling children, school and extracurricular activities.

Real estate is truly a “helping” profession. A career in real estate means that you have the opportunity help people every single day. It can be a very rewarding career to help your client with one of the largest investments of their lives. With the right communication and people skills, you can make life long relationships that will help you gain future business and success.

Each day is a new day with new opportunities. There is always a fresh start in the world of real estate. Every property, family, client, and deal presents a blank slate for you to show your strength. This can make things very exciting on a day-to-day basis.

You never stop learning and growing. The real estate world can be intimidating at times. You will not always have the answer for everything, but that is a major part of life. This is why a job in real estate offers a perfect mixture of opportunity to learn and grow. Between market trends, new technologies, social media and things that occur in every deal you make there is always something new to learn that can make your business that much better.

Real estates is all about making personal goals and setting out to achieve them. The potential success with a career in real estate can be very exciting. It truly is unlike any other profession. With the right company, skills, and drive you can take complete control over your career and lifestyle. If you are interested in joining the real estate world or simply have unanswered questions, learn more by visiting Here’s to a new year, new career and new opportunities!


Nothnagle REALTORS® Donates to Rochester City Schools and Hillside Family of Agencies


(Rochester, NY) – Nothnagle REALTORS® is pleased to announce that over twenty large storage-sized bags containing various winter clothing items were collected and subsequently donated to the Rochester City School District.

The company-wide holiday party was held on Friday, December 18th at the Holiday Inn on State Street.  Guests were asked to bring donations such as coats, boots, gloves, and hats. In attendance were over 400 agents and employees of Nothnagle Realtors as well as attendees from Howard Hanna’s management team.

Nothnagle also took part in the Hillside Special Santa program. Hillside Special Santa is a holiday giving program for The Hillside Family of Agencies. This program benefits youth and families throughout our region to make sure children will receive gifts this Christmas. The following offices served as drop off locations for donated gifts from our managers, agents, and employees.






Mendon/Honeoye Falls




Nothnagle Realtors takes great pride in coming together to make such generous contributions during the Holiday Season. Turning a company event into a way to help others in need is a great way to give back to the community during the Holidays.



About Nothnagle Realtors:  Established in 1948, Nothnagle Realtors offers 30 locations throughout the Rochester, Finger Lakes Region and Buffalo regions.  In May 2015, Nothnagle announced its alliance with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.  The combined performance of the joint Nothnagle and Howard Hanna companies in 2014 was $11.3 billion in closed sales volume and 61,776 closed transactions.*  The combined strength of the companies is more than 7,300 agents and employees with 205 offices in the eight states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.  For more information visit

*Based on the 2014 REAL Trends 500 report.


Preparing Yourself and Your Home for the Holidays

xmaschecklistWith the lack of snow it has been hard for many people to get into the Holiday spirit. However, the reality is that the Holidays are creeping up on us fast! The weekend is approaching and this may be your last chance to get things in order before the hustle and bustle begins. Here are a few tasks to tackle before you host a party.

Write out a plan of attack- Writing a list of what you have to get done is the key to making sure nothing is forgotten. From the grocery shopping to the vacuuming and last minute cleaning, a list is crucial to make sure it all gets done.

Declutter your home- Make sure there is plenty of seating and space for your guests. Go through your home and eliminate any clutter that will free up standing space. Bring the folding chairs up from the basement prior to any holiday parties to eliminate running around the day of.

Cook ahead of time- Start baking things that you can freeze. Unfrosted cookies, breads, and bars are great things to make ahead of time. Baking can be very time consuming so breaking it up over the course of a few days will make the load much lighter.

Make way for the food– Cleaning out your fridge prior to the party is a great way of assuring you will have enough space.  Over the next week you are guaranteed to fill up your fridge. Between the appetizers, the turkey and your drinks you will need as much space as possible in your fridge.

Floor mats and throw rugs- There will be a lot of traffic in your home during the holidays. Make sure you have enough rug space and mats to account for the wet boots. Having a space for people to wipe their feet assures that your floors will not become soaked and salty.

Light up your home- If you are hosting a party make sure that your home is easy to identify. In the dark, it can be very difficult to make out the house address. Check to make sure your house number is lit up and easy to see from the street.

Designate a spot for coats- With the amount of people entering your home it is easy to mix up jackets. Make sure to clear off your coat hooks to make room for your guest’s coats.

Although entertaining guests can be stressful, it is also wonderful to get everyone together. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and tackle as much this weekend as you can. Make sure to join your guests and kick back, relax and enjoy all of your hard work!

Should You Sell Your Home This Winter?


When it comes to Real Estate, people may say the best time to sell your home is in the spring months. However, if you are serious about selling your home there are a number of reasons the winter months may be the perfect time for you to put your house on the market.

Buyers Are More Serious. Anyone who is shopping for a new home around the Holidays and winter months are most likely very serious. These buyers are more likely to pull the trigger and commit to a home decreasing the likelihood of a bidding war and other time consuming factors.

Less Inventory.  Studies have shown that homes listed around the Holidays can command more money and sell quicker than those in the spring. The main reason for this is there is less competition in the winter months giving you a leg up in the market.

Timing Is Perfect For Those Relocating. The end of the year is usually the time of year when people are notified if they will be relocating for their job in the coming year. These are the types of buyers that can not wait to move and will be working to purchase a home quickly with little hassle.

Cold Months Call for Warm and Cozy Homes. The holidays are a time that your home becomes cozy and inviting. If selling your home during these months it is so easy to stage your home to become extra inviting with candles, decorations and a warm fire.

At the end of the day no one wants to watch their home sit on the market. While many people fear this is what will happen if selling during the winter months this often is not the case. With less competition, more serious buyers, and the opportunity to get top dollar for your home now is the time to put your home on the market!

Contact a Nothnagle Agent today for all of your home buying and selling needs.

Five Ways to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent


To make it in the Real Estate business, you must differentiate yourself from the long line-up of successful agents out there. Due to an increasing number of real estate professionals, this is not a simple task. However, by adding a few new skills and enhancing your current competencies, you can be sure that you’re headed in the right direction. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Become a negotiations expert. Negotiation is one of the most important facets of real estate. As a realtor, negotiation skill is one of the first things that you should possess and develop. One way of leveraging negotiation skill is by mastering a list price strategy. A scientific experimental research, done by business experts Eric Cardella and Michael Seiler, has proven that list price strategy has a strong effect on negotiations, specifically in reaching an optimum final price. According to the study, a listing price that is actually higher than the rounded actual price tends to result in the highest final price and vice-versa. This means that to actually reach the optimum price for your client, you should be able to play around the listing price, whether it is above or below the actual rounded price. And, as the study suggested, you can do that through sound negotiations.
  2. Practice smarter marketing. Aside from negotiation, another aspect of the real estate business that will need your focus, is marketing, specially self-marketing. Marketing a property is an entirely different undertaking than marketing yourself. In self-marketing, the product is none other than you, the agent. You should promote yourself as a credible, competitive, and better agent by having knowledge and confidence about your business and the industry.
  3. Become a networker. Moreover, you should learn to look for a specific audience group to which you will start marketing yourself. This increases the chance that you’ll achieve that “well-known” community status. The ultimate key in succeeding as a networker is finding the right particular group of people to build relationships with. Start with the demographic in which you most likely belong or with whom you already have inherent connections. If, for example, you have children, make yourself the nexus of connections for parents. This does not only enhance your reputation, but also allows you to uncover new prospects and for them to discover you!
  4. Build your expertise. Choose the house type that best interests you to build a wealth of knowledge expertise on. Whether its condominiums, townhouses, vacation houses, or even bungalows, the important thing is that you become an expert on a particular house type. But, that’s not to say that you will have to forgo the opportunity to learn about other areas, because flexibility is still an important quality to possess.
  5. Become a leading realtor in the online real estate industry. Is there really an online real estate industry? Yes, there definitely is. The boom of ecommerce has led to the creation of a real estate industry that exists today. Not all agents are successful at operating an online presence; hence, you can position yourself as a leading agent in this sphere.

In the end, a better understanding of how success transpires in this business is what will make you standout. Learning things before others do and adapting to change will bring you to the front and center. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges as real estate trends evolve over time. Embrace the change and always look for new ways to better your business.


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