Five Ways to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent


To make it in the Real Estate business, you must differentiate yourself from the long line-up of successful agents out there. Due to an increasing number of real estate professionals, this is not a simple task. However, by adding a few new skills and enhancing your current competencies, you can be sure that you’re headed in the right direction. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Become a negotiations expert. Negotiation is one of the most important facets of real estate. As a realtor, negotiation skill is one of the first things that you should possess and develop. One way of leveraging negotiation skill is by mastering a list price strategy. A scientific experimental research, done by business experts Eric Cardella and Michael Seiler, has proven that list price strategy has a strong effect on negotiations, specifically in reaching an optimum final price. According to the study, a listing price that is actually higher than the rounded actual price tends to result in the highest final price and vice-versa. This means that to actually reach the optimum price for your client, you should be able to play around the listing price, whether it is above or below the actual rounded price. And, as the study suggested, you can do that through sound negotiations.
  2. Practice smarter marketing. Aside from negotiation, another aspect of the real estate business that will need your focus, is marketing, specially self-marketing. Marketing a property is an entirely different undertaking than marketing yourself. In self-marketing, the product is none other than you, the agent. You should promote yourself as a credible, competitive, and better agent by having knowledge and confidence about your business and the industry.
  3. Become a networker. Moreover, you should learn to look for a specific audience group to which you will start marketing yourself. This increases the chance that you’ll achieve that “well-known” community status. The ultimate key in succeeding as a networker is finding the right particular group of people to build relationships with. Start with the demographic in which you most likely belong or with whom you already have inherent connections. If, for example, you have children, make yourself the nexus of connections for parents. This does not only enhance your reputation, but also allows you to uncover new prospects and for them to discover you!
  4. Build your expertise. Choose the house type that best interests you to build a wealth of knowledge expertise on. Whether its condominiums, townhouses, vacation houses, or even bungalows, the important thing is that you become an expert on a particular house type. But, that’s not to say that you will have to forgo the opportunity to learn about other areas, because flexibility is still an important quality to possess.
  5. Become a leading realtor in the online real estate industry. Is there really an online real estate industry? Yes, there definitely is. The boom of ecommerce has led to the creation of a real estate industry that exists today. Not all agents are successful at operating an online presence; hence, you can position yourself as a leading agent in this sphere.

In the end, a better understanding of how success transpires in this business is what will make you standout. Learning things before others do and adapting to change will bring you to the front and center. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges as real estate trends evolve over time. Embrace the change and always look for new ways to better your business.

The Truth About Real Estate Compensation

It’s happened to just about every agent in real estate:

You hear about a real estate company that is offering an impressive split. While your initial calculation may seem like more money, it doesn’t take into account all the increased expenses you will have.

Unfortunately, that initial calculation often convinces agents to make the jump to a company with a higher commission split.

But the truth is, most agents who make that jump end up earning less money—and having far less time to enjoy it.

The trouble with high commission splits.

Some companies offer splits as high as 95-5. And that sounds impressive. The trouble is, when you work for those companies almost all of your expenses will come out of your own pocket. So that 95% you’re earning gets whittled down rapidly.

For example, when you’re on a high commission split, you have to pay for all of these expenses—items that are available to you when you work at Nothnagle:

  • Office space
  • Internet usage
  • Self promotions
  • Mailings
  • Copies
  • Phone
  • Print advertising
  • Administrative support

As a result, that 95% split is actually much less than 95%.
But it gets worse. Because you’ve lost another very valuable thing in the process.

How a high commission split takes away your time.

When you work at a company that provides a high commission split, you don’t get the kind of support that you do at Nothnagle. That means you have to do all the work yourself, or hire others—an expensive proposition.

So if you want to do a mailing, or place a print ad, or even make copies, that’s going to take up some of your time—time you could have spent talking to a buyer or seller.

As a result, high commission splits hurt productivity. But perhaps even worse, they force you to spend more hours working—so you have less time for doing other things you enjoy.

A better split for a better life.

Agents at Nothnagle are provided with amazing support services, free of charge.

That means several important things for our agents:

  • Nothnagle agents keep far more of the money they make, because support services at Nothnagle are easily accessible and free.
  • Nothnagle agents can do a higher volume of work in less time, because they are not as distracted by tasks like paperwork and placing ads.
  • Nothnagle agents have a better work/life balance, because they can earn a better income in less time.

So here’s the truth: working at Nothnagle can help you earn more money for the same volume of transactions, while giving you more time for the other good things in life.

Want to learn more about how Nothnagle helps agents earn more money in less time? Find an office near you and call a Branch Manager to learn more.

Nothnagle REALTORS® Donates 1,413 pounds to Foodlink



(Rochester, NY) – Nothnagle REALTORS® announced that they recently collected 1,413 pounds of nonperishable food items for Foodlink at their annual clam bake.

The company event was held on Friday, October 16 at the Burgundy Basin Inn.  In attendance were Nothnagle management, employees and agents from the 26 branch offices throughout the region.  Guests were invited to bring non-perishable food items to the event. The response was overwhelming.  Guests brought bags and, in some instances, cases of food.  From the 400 attendees, Nothnagle collected 1,413 pounds of goods for Foodlink.

Foodlink is a regional food bank serving Allegany, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates Counties.  Their operations target the root causes of hunger. In 2014, Foodlink distributed over 18 million pounds of food—including 3.6 million pounds of produce, offered more than 200 nutrition education courses, and created new access points for healthy foods in underserved communities.

“The generosity of our agents and staff is truly remarkable,” said Armand D’Alfonso, President and CEO of Nothnagle. “Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the food drive an incredible success!”


About Nothnagle Realtors:  Established in 1948, Nothnagle Realtors offers 31 locations throughout the Rochester, Finger Lakes Region and Buffalo regions.  In May 2015, Nothnagle announced its alliance with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.  The combined performance of the joint Nothnagle and Howard Hanna companies in 2014 was $11.3 billion in closed sales volume and 61,776 closed transactions.  The combined strength of the companies is more than 7,300 agents and employees with 205 offices in the eight states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.  For more information visit

*Based on statistics reported by the NYS Alliance of MLSs for the Buffalo and Rochester  regions, August 2014 – August 2015.

Must-Do Tasks Before Winter Hits

It is the first week of November and this means winter is right around the corner. Along with the frigid temperatures comes busted pipes, snow covered driveways and drafty windows. Here are 6 things to do before the winter weather comes blowing in.

  1. Put all outdoor furniture away. Leaving outdoor furniture out during the winter months will wear on the furniture causing the paint to crack and material to wear. Make sure to put all furniture away for the winter in order to make sure it looks like new for the spring.
  2. Drain hoses and cover faucets. Do not forget to empty your hoses and put them away before the freezing temperatures hit.
  3. Clean gutters. Make sure to clean your gutters thoroughly before the winter months. For homes with harder to reach gutters do not hesitate to hire a professional to make sure it is done right and to avoid any possible injuries.
  4. Make sure your chimney is clean. When the cold temperatures hit us there is nothing more cozy than turning on the fireplace. Make sure your chimney is ready and clean for the winter.
  5. Check windows. Even double pane windows can get very drafty in the winter months. Adding shrink film to windows can save you money on your heating bill. Let’s face it, shrink film is not the most attractive thing to place on your windows, therefor try wrapping windows in rooms that are not seen often. Dens, attics and office spaces are great places to stop the cold draft.
  6. Break out the snow blower. Try not to wait until the first snowfall to make sure you have everything ready. Bring your snow blower out prior to the first snowfall. Check the tires, chain and motor to make sure everything is working properly.

As much as we may not want to accept it the winter months are coming, and being prepared is crucial. Tackle these tasks within the next few weeks and you will be winter ready.  As for right now enjoy the sunshine and beautiful week ahead of us!

Simple Interior Design Choices to Increase the Value of a Client’s Home

The beautification of a home is always an exciting time, but if you believe interior design is just a luxury, think again. Real estate agents know that enhancing the aesthetics of a property will definitely improve its value in the housing market.

Interior design requires both the discipline of science and the feel of art. It may be a small investment for your client but it doesn’t have to be expensive. An important factor is to strike a balance between your clients’ preferences and the capabilities of their home. Simple choices can make significant changes.

Notable interior designer Pablo Solomon shares that the focus of a homeowner should be on the quality of the design and
construction. Bigger is not always better. Take time to help your clients find the best materials for their home and it will definitely improve their interiors no matter the design.

Although it is important to be up to date with modern trends, the reality is that fads will eventually become obsolete. Look for timeless themes or practical designs that will stand the test of time. Timeless designs will resonate with potential buyers regardless of their age.

The choice of colors for interior design will have a lasting impact on the value of your clients’ home. Real estate agents know that a property that is primed for reselling will have safe and neutral colors to make it easier to attract buyers. The rule of thumb when it comes to selling a house is that buyers should be able to imagine themselves with their loved ones living inside it.

For this purpose, the color beige has been one of the most enduring choices for overall interior design. It is timeless and safe although modern trends point to more variety in colors including grey, navy and brass.

Natural light is freely available but its impact on interior design should not be ignored. It can add a touch of warmth and brightness to the entire home without shelling out too much money. All it takes is careful planning of interiors to maximize the effect of natural light. Window treatments will help well for this purpose and it can even create a perspective of a larger room.

Incidentally, a home that features natural light more prominently becomes more energy-efficient as well. Designing interiors not only because of aesthetics but also with an eye towards maximizing energy efficiency will help increase the appraisal of the house.

Whatever theme or design for a house, it is important to help your clients plan ahead. Real estate agents and clients should have constant communication about the impact on the property value of any changes. Basically, if these changes look good, it will improve the chances of a property. But if you are still unsure, spend time with a professional designer that can provide ideas and suggestions tailor-made for your clients’ house.

Five Tips to Guide You Through the Relocation Process

relo5In a perfect world, all of the best jobs and careers would be right down the street. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Relocating to a new city, town or states is something that many people are doing in order to advance in their career, move closer to family, or to get a fresh start. If you do your research and work with the right people, the results can be life changing for your entire family.

A visit to the town or city prior to the purchase of a home is very important to get a true feeling for where you will be living. Here are some tips to keep in mind if visiting the place that you will soon call ‘home’.

  1. Be a tourist. Use this time to tour the city, make sure to look at all possible locations of where you can purchase a home. Find an area that you feel comfortable in. Visit the city as well as the towns on the outskirts to really get a feel for your surroundings.
  2. Locate the important landmarks. Locate schools, hospitals, malls and other landmarks in order to decide which area of the city you can see yourself living in. Don’t hesitate to walk around and get a real feel for the city and people. Don’t just drive through these towns, get out and explore. Meet the people, communicate with others and really put yourself out there.
  3. Plan ahead- Do your research. If you have children who will be attending school and day care do your research before you make a visit. Schedule a time to meet with potential schools and child care facilities in the area to give you an idea in person for where you would like to commit to sending your child. Waiting to enroll your child in a school until you are moved will cause added stress. Be proactive and already have an idea for the right fit for your child before making the move. This will bring peace of mind not only to you but your child as well.
  4. Visit a bank. Committing to a new bank and opening an account during your visit is a crucial and proactive move. Finding a good bank that is in the right location is very important. This will eliminate the headache of rushing to wire new funds to a new bank during the move.
  5. Connect with a Realtor that fits you. Finding a realtor that specializes in relocation is crucial in the success of your move. Not all agents know the ins and outs of relocation. From finding the right neighborhood to making sure your belongings arrive when you do, a relocation agent has all the knowledge and connections you need for a seamless transaction. Nothnagle understands the importance of a relocation move in comparison to moving the town over. Nothnagle’ s in-house relocation department can move you from anywhere to anywhere – across the state, across the country, even around the globe! Agents are affiliated with over 500 firms including 4,000 offices and 120,000 sales associates in over 40 countries worldwide. Their Move Managers have access to information on over 10,000 communities worldwide, and will carefully handpick an agent for you that will deliver the same quality service you’ve come to know and expect from your local Nothnagle agent.

Relocating can be a major life adjustment. The decision to start over in a new area can be both exciting and nerve-racking. As long as you take your time, cover all your bases, and use all resources available you are guaranteed a fresh new start in an area that you may just love!

Click here for more information on relocation, or call 1-800-295-RELO today and see what we can do for you!

Have Fun This Fall In Greater Rochester, NY!

pumpkinsLiving in upstate New York we experience every season there is, and fall sure does not disappoint! The leaves are falling, the sun is still out and the weekends are jam-packed. Here are some great places to spend your free time in the next few weeks.

Stokoe Farms

Pumpkin Patch and Harvest Fest

Scottsville, NY


Wickham Farms

Family fun with a 3-acre corn maze!

Fairport Nine Mile Line Road, Penfield, NY


Long Acre Farms

The most challenging corn maze in the Rochester area

Macedon, NY


Clubhouse Fun Center

Great indoor fun!

Rochester, NY


The Garden Factory

Rides, games, arts & crafts geared toward kids ages 2-10

2126 Buffalo Road


Bristol Mountain

Bristol mountain skyrides for all ages!

Canandaigua, NY 14424


Morgan’s Farm Market

U-Pick Apples!

Marion, NY


From apple picking to hay rides and haunted houses. There are countless places to visit this fall. Make sure to get out there and enjoy it before the snow blows in! Happy Fall!


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