Nothnagle Realtors Now Translates Website in 100 Languages



Real estate is a personal business. Bringing buyers and sellers together has been Nothnagle Realtors’ fundamental purpose for over 68 years. They believe their greatest asset is their team of trained professionals. Their broad knowledge, experience, hard work, dedication to service and ongoing real estate training combined with many innovative marketing tools, produce the cumulative results that make the company a success.

In May of 2015 Nothnagle Realtors joined forces with Howard Hanna Real Estate services, and in July of 2016 they also brought on Realty USA. Making them the #1 Real Estate Company in New York State, and #3 in the United States! Ever since the merger, the companies have been working closely to share knowledge, programs and other services. Both companies have recently made their web pages available in 100 different languages.

“From our 100% Money Back Guarantee, to our Buy Before You Sell program, to our One-Stop Shopping, to our world-class website, Howard Hanna has always tried to anticipate the needs of our customers and adapt to the changing role of real estate,” said Howard W. “Hoddy” Hanna, III, Chairman of Howard Hanna. “Updating our website to offer translations in 100 languages is just another way for us to make sure that we continue to lead the charge as visionaries in the world of real estate.”

With the goal to better serve the customer, adding this unique feature will make it easy for Nothnagle Realtors to become accessible to clients from all walks of life! Visit to view this unique feature.language.PNG

About Notanagle Realtors:  Established in 1948, Nothnagle Realtors offers 30 locations throughout the Rochester, Finger Lakes Region and Buffalo regions.  In May 2015, Nothnagle announced its alliance with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.  The combined performance of the joint Nothnagle and Howard Hanna companies in 2014 was $11.3 billion in closed sales volume and 61,776 closed transactions.*  The combined strength of the companies is more than 7,300 agents and employees with 205 offices in the eight states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.  For more information visit

Nothnagle REALTORS® Proud Sponsor of The Cancer Couch Foundation



Nothnagle REALTORS® is proud sponsor of the Annual PINK GAME tomorrow, August 27th held at the Rochester Rhinos Stadium with the WNY Flash VS Houston Dash. The game will benefit the Cancer Couch Foundation and support awareness for Breast Cancer. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. The Cancer Couch Foundation exclusively works to fund research focused on accelerating treatment for metastatic breast cancer.  Read more about the amazing foundation here.

There will be raffles, food, prizes, and most of all a great number of strong women who have fought in a fight that many people know too well. Get your tickets here and join The Cancer Couch Foundation and the WNY Flash tomorrow for the Annual PINK GAME. Don’t forget to support the Cancer Couch and wear PINK!

“It’s time to make a change, the end of breast cancer starts with YOU. Together we can fund research and fight for stage 4” Visit to donate.


Join Us For The Fairport Music Festival!

Please join the Nothnagle Fairport Office & the Fairport Music Festival in support of the Golisano Children’s Hospital. We are a proud sponsor of this event and are looking forward to a weekend of fun and giving to a great cause! Stop by today August 26th 5PM or Saturday August 27th 12PM.

Read more about the event here



The Two Best Ways to Save On Your Renovations

Whether you plan on selling or simply want to keep up with the current trends, a remodel may be the best thing for you. However, to make sure you get the most out of your improvements you will want to keep a few things in mind.

Take a look at our top two best ways to get more for your money.


countertops.jpgIn the 1990’s every piece of linoleum looked the same. Fast forward a couple of decades and you can now spend hours in a home improvement store just staring at tile floors. The options are endless which means there are so many ways to save. In the past few years, companies have really stepped it up with ‘imitation’ material products. There is now laminate that looks like real wood, and quartz counters that can appear to be marble. There are so many options for picking materials that still look top of the line without having to stretch your budget.


Some of the worst decisions are those that are made on the whim. This means you should put a good amount of time and consideration into deciding which rooms to renovate in houseonmoneyyour home. Look at the long term. If you plan to live in your home for 5+ years then you can go into more elaborate designs, picking out exactly what you want and what suits your family. If you are going into a remodel with the end goal of getting the highest price out of your home sale then you will find your priorities may be a little different.

By sitting down and deciding what your true end goal is in the remodel you will have a better view on what exactly ‘needs’ to be done and what you ‘want’ done. You may ‘want’ that marble counter top, which is just fine if you plan to enjoy your home for many years to come. However, if you ‘need’ to get the most out of your remodel because you plan to sell next year…then maybe that laminate look-a-like is the better option. Plan ahead, make educated decisions, and listen to your gut. By doing so you will end up with a home that you are proud of. Whether you are selling or staying, you want to be able to take pride in your home!

Tips For Last Minute Movers


With the Real Estate  market as fast pace as it is right now your home may go up for sale and sell in a week or less! This is a great thing…as long as you are prepared that is. Here are a few tips if you are moving in a pinch to assure you that process is not as difficult as it may seem.

  1. Sort through the clutter: If you have lived in your home for a number of years chances are there may be some clutter. Your first step is to bring a garbage right inside and throw away anything that does not do you service. Sorting through the unwanted items will give you a better look for what can be thrown away, what can be donated, and what is going with you.
  2. If there is not enough time for a Garage Sale DONATE! Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have appliances, toys, home items that are still in good shapeYardsale.jpg make sure to donate them to your nearest Good Will or Salvation Army. There are plenty of people who would love the items in your home so start up a big box labeled DONATE encourage your family to fill the box as they pack and then drop it off at a donation center.
  3. Ask for help: If you are pressed for time during your move do not be afraid to ask for help. Friends and family are always willing to help. Just make sure to maximize your efficiency by having a list made with tasks for each person to avoid the chaos of too many hands in the pot during the move. Professional movers are ideal when moving furniture and large items. It could take you weeks to move a full house of furniture if you are cramming one couch at a time in the back of your friend’s pick-up truck. Save your time and your back and hire professionals for the big items.
  4. Packing the right way:. Make sure to stock up on the right supplies in order to pack your belongings the right way. Once things are placed in a box no one knows who will be touching it. To avoid fragile items from being broken make sure to have enough packing supplies to do it the right way. Many of your friends may have boxes that you could use. Before going out and buying ask around to those who you know have recently moved, they most likely would love to get them off their hands.moving-boxes-labeled
  5. Label, Label, Label: Now that you are all packed up, label each box with which room it will go in the new home. This way as everyone begins to transfer the items to the final destination upon arrival they know exactly where to place each box.
  6. Make a plan: Making a plan of attack for the day of the move is crucial. This is something that you want to communicate with everyone helping you to ensure that no time is wasted and your move is done as efficiently as possible. Delegate each person with a different task for the day and make sure they are all informed and prepared. This will reduce the stress level of everyone involved.

With that being said, if you are moving in a pinch don’t stress. Remember that planning is crucial and communication is key. Happy moving and welcome home!

If you are in the process of moving and looking for a reliable and trusting moving service, visit the Nothnagle Home Services page to view a full list of movers and home-related vendors available to you! We take the time to find the most qualified and trusting services so that you don’t have to!



Two of the Nation’s Largest Real Estate Companies Join Forces

Two of the Nation’s Largest Real Estate Companies Join Forces 

Becoming America’s 3rd largest real estate company



Rochester, New York (July 13, 2016) – Armand D’Alfonso, President of Nothnagle Realtors, a Howard Hanna Company, and Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna, IV, President of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services today announced that RealtyUSA has joined the Howard Hanna Real Estate Family of Companies.  Nothnagle Realtors merged with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services last May.

“We are excited to be joining forces with such a well-respected company. I’ve known Merle for many years through our joint affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. The combined tools and innovation of Howard Hanna, Nothnagle and RealtyUSA offer both consumers and agents alike unparalleled services across Upstate New York,” said Mr. D’Alfonso who will be President of the combined New York State company.

Like Nothnagle and Howard Hanna, RealtyUSA is a family business owned and operated by President and CEO, Merle L. Whitehead along with a strong regional management team. RealtyUSA is the 9th largest real estate company in the United States with 65 offices across the state of New York with 2,200 sales associates and employees.*  They are the #1 residential real estate broker in the state with 23,023 closed transactions last year and are #1 in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton and the Southern Tier.  Mr. Whitehead will become Chairman of the combined New York State company.

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is the #1 broker is Pennsylvania and Ohio with 205 office locations in the eight states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.  The company has more than 7,100 agents and employees and is ranked the 4th largest real estate company in the country with 66,714 closed transactions last year.**

The merger ranks Howard Hanna as the 3rd largest real estate company in the United States.  The combined performance of the joint company is $16.2 billion in closed sales volume last year and 89,737 closed transactions.  The combined strength of the companies is more than 9,300

sales associates and employees in 270 offices.  The company will continue to provide unparalleled, innovative and comprehensive real estate services to clients across New York State in 101 offices.

The merger is a succession plan for the future said Whitehead at a press conference held in Buffalo this morning.  Founded there in 1959, RealtyUSA emerged as a dominant local, statewide and national real estate leader as did Howard Hanna, founded in Pittsburgh in 1957 and Nothnagle in Rochester in 1948.

“RealtyUSA is truly one of America’s great real estate companies.  Our business philosophies are very similar and operationally they know what it takes; last year they successfully assisted

23,023 customers with the American dream of home ownership,” said Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna, IV, President of family-owned and operated Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.  “This merger produces a strong, viable company that will create jobs in New York State as additional services and programs are added for both agents and consumers.”

“Available immediately will be our 100% Money Back Guarantee, the exclusive program that stands behind the value of a home we sell, giving the buyer added confidence to purchase,” said Mr. Hanna.  “Sales associates will also benefit from additional programs such as our Income Advantage as well as an increased referral network.  When we expand our reach, everybody within the Howard Hanna family of companies benefits.”

There will not be a change to the company names or local leadership. Both RealtyUSA and Nothnagle logos will now feature the tagline “A Howard Hanna Company.

For more information, please visit,, or


*Rankings based on the REAL Trends 500 report, May 2016, which ranks the 500 largest real estate brokers in the United States by 2015 closed transactions.

**Rankings based on the REAL Trends 500 report, May 2016, which ranks the 500 largest real estate brokers in the United States by 2015 closed transactions.  Franchise closed transactions included.


12 Real Estate Terms to Know



Having a basic understanding of important real estate concepts during your home buying or selling process will help you feel much more at ease. Of course your Real Estate agent is there to make sure you understand the entire process but having your own knowledge of the basics will give you great peace of mind. Here are twelve real estate terms to become familiar with. Make sure to contact a Nothnagle Real Estate Agent if you have further questions!

  1. Appraisal — The estimated value of the property as determined by a qualified appraiser. Lenders require an appraisal of a property before providing the mortgage loan to the buyer.
  2. Appreciation — The amount that a property has increased in value over a specific time.
  3. Buyer’s Agent vs. Listing Agent  — There are usually two agents involved when you buy a home; the “buyer’s agent,” who represents you, and the “listing agent,” who represents the home seller.
  4. Closing — The closing is the scheduled day on which the sale of the property is officially finalized. The buyer signs all the mortgage documents and pays the closing costs and the seller completes the transaction with the buyer.
  5. Closing Costs — The closing costs refer to all of the costs associated with the final sale of a property, all of which must be made by the closing date. These costs typically include agent fees, origination fees, lawyer fees, title insurance fees, survey fees and taxes.
  6. Contingency — A condition that must be met before the contract between the buyer and the seller becomes legally binding. A common contingency is the home inspection. If the home inspection reveals major problems, then the contingency allows the buyer to walk away from the contract without losing money.
  7. Depreciation — The amount that a property has declined in value over a specific time.
  8. Down Payment — The down payment is the amount of money you pay toward a property out of pocket before your lender provides you with the mortgage loan to cover the rest of the property’s price. The down payment varies depending on the type of mortgage you take out as well as a number of other factors. It can be anywhere from 3 percent of the total cost to 20 percent.
  9. Escrow — The escrow is a deposit of funds or documents that are held by a neutral third party (often an escrow agent) until the sale goes through.
  10. Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter — Buyers can get approved for a home loan (known as a mortgage) before they find a property they want to invest in. This is known as being pre-approved for a mortgage. This lets buyers know how much they can borrow. They can use the mortgage pre-approval letter to show sellers that they have the financing in place to purchase the home, which often gives them a leg up on competing buyers.
  11. Multiple Listing Service — The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a large database that real estate agents have access to that provides detailed information about most of the properties that are currently on the market.
  12. Title Insurance — This insurance helps to protect the lender and the buyer against any losses that occur due to a dispute over the property’s ownership.