The Importance of a Compartive Market Analysis

A Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, is a valuable service for home sellers but can also be beneficial to home buyers. It is an evaluation of a home’s value based on available local market data including:

• How much homes similar to yours have sold for recently
• Pending sales that are similar to yours
• How long these homes were on the market before they sold
• How fast you can expect to sell your home
• What your “competition” would be should you decide to put your home on the market right away
• A recommended asking price

Reasons to Know Your Home’s Market Value

Your home’s market value is an important factor in a long list of financial decisions. Many of these decisions include:

• Selling your home
• Refinancing your mortgage
• Borrowing against your equity
• Estimating your annual property tax bill
• Buying homeowner’s insurance
• Calculating the expected return on remodeling costs
• Managing your other investments
• Estate planning

Figuring out how much your home is worth by remembering how much you paid for it months or years ago is not relevant to the home’s current market value. The best person qualified to prepare your CMA is a licensed real estate agent in your area.

The market data provided in different CMA’s should not vary by much since all real estate agents have access to the same market information. The suggested price on your CMA should not be the determining factor when choosing which agent will sell your home for more money. What will make a difference is the agent’s marketing plan for your home.

Keep in mind these questions when selecting a real estate agent

• What are they willing to do for you?
• Will they use every possible marketing tool available to generate the most qualified buyers possible?
Our Winning Formula
The best marketing plan available
The most qualified buyers who
create more purchase offers
More money, fewer problems,
and a quicker sale!
If you’re thinking of selling your home, let Nothnagle Realtors get you noticed! Call any Nothnagle agent direct or call 899-MOVE today!

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