The Benefit of a Mobile Website

Today, instant information is available at your fingertips – right now you’re reading about the real estate industry on a blog!

For many people, we remember a time when computers were a rare feature within daily life. Now they are so prevalent that access to the Internet and computer-type features are available on most cell phones. To keep up with the demand of instant information at your fingertips – wherever you are – many companies now offer “mobile” versions of their websites, designed specifically to fit cell phones or PDAs. You can get weather, stocks, sports and news updates right into the palm of your hand. For people on the go, this type of access to information is essential.

Real estate is a fast-paced, on-the-go industry. The technology available to today’s agents and their clients has outpaced yesterday’s technology rapidly. Nothnagle Realtors has consistently led the way in innovating technology trends to make the industry more efficient and user-friendly for both agents and their clients. Specifically designed to fit your hand-held device, brings the convenience of house hunting right into the palm of your hand.
By accessing, users can enter the street address of a property and, once connected, be able to see the entire property specifications. This great feature provided by Nothnagle Realtors not only gives you information on price, square footage and taxes, but you can also see the inside of the property if photos are available! This gives an edge to the general consumer like never before.

Now, the next time you see a property that strikes your interest you don’t have to scrounge for a piece of paper to scribble the address, or memorize it to look it up once you get home. Just pick up your cell phone, access the Internet feature and enter the home’s address at!

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