Best Agents. Best Website. And…Best Marketing.

The Art of Marketing Homes
Our state-of-the-art Marketing Department packages and presents our listings to their highest potential to attract the most interest.

Mission Statement
The Marketing Department is committed to the success of the agents we support. We strive to provide superior products that will enhance each agent’s image in the community and the properties represented in their portfolio. Working tirelessly towards this end, we dedicate ourselves to providing unparalleled marketing products in a timely fashion.

Inside Marketing
There are five talented graphic designers along with three support personnel in the Marketing Department at Nothnagle Realtors. Together they provide the highest quality marketing materials using office equipment purchased from and supported by local businesses which results in a quick turnaround time.

While your Nothnagle agent is focusing on your needs as a client, the Marketing Department is focusing on both the agent’s needs as well as the client’s needs. All of our products are produced right on site at our Corporate office, 1485 Monroe Avenue in Brighton. Promotional products can be browsed online for ordering by agents, and nearly every item we manufacture can be personalized. Our graphic designers can customize designs and logos, plus there is a wide array of ready-made products such as brochures, flyers and postcards to choose from. The Nothnagle Marketing Department is also responsible for concepts like Page 4!

Another Unique Service
Dan Nothnagle, Vice-President of Advertising and Marketing, indicates that one of the things he is most excited about is the innovation of MailNow. “This is a unique service in that it allows our agents to have personal mailing lists printed directly onto postcard orders, which are then printed, sorted and distributed directly to the post office. Most real estate firms can offer graphic design and color copies. The utilization of Variable Data printing is what sets Nothnagle Realtors apart.”

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