Some Home Sellers Attract More Buyers

Real estate is an information business. Not too long ago agents had all the information, and buyers had to call to find out the address, price, directions and so much more. Can you imagine how much time that would take today?

Since the advent of the Internet buyers have access to the information they once never had.

Today agents must do just the opposite with the information. Get it everywhere they can before someone else does!

Where are the buyers looking? Everywhere they can.
Today, to attract the most buyers, the key is to get mass amounts of information distributed to potential buyers.

Today sellers shouldn’t be satisfied that their property information is just posted on a website.

Four Questions Every Seller Should Ask
Before They Agree to List Their Home.

1. How many potential buyers visit your website per day?

2. Can you show me a web visitors report for all your listings?

3. Do you have other types of websites that attract buyers?
• Video .TV website
• A mobile website
• Local newspaper sites
• iTunes
• Google

4. Do you have a strong print advertising plan, and what is it?

The market can be as good or as bad as your advertising plan. When choosing a company to sell your home, make sure their advertising plan is one that distributes mass information to the buyers – not one that waits for the buyers to come to their website.

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