Items Included in the Sale

The common purchase and sale contract used in the Rochester region states in paragraph 2 what items are included in the sale of a property. It basically covers items attached/fastened to the property such as plumbing fixtures, storm windows, curtain rods, garbage disposals. It also includes mailboxes, flowers and shrubs, as well as lighting fixtures.

If you are selling your house and want to take a fixture with you, make sure you communicate this to your agent. A special mailbox, a rose bush from your late grandmother’s garden, an antique chandelier in the dining room. You must make it clear up front to the buyer that these particular items will NOT be included in the sale. Otherwise it is presumed that the crystal chandelier that was in the dining room when the buyer first saw the property will still be there when the buyer takes possession!

Other items listed as included in the sale: underground pet containment system; fireplace screens and enclosures; built in basketball apparatus and outdoor playsets; window boxes, sheds, electric garage door opener and remote control devices. This is just a partial list; if this is a concern of yours, talk to your agent to get a complete list of items covered in the contract.

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