More Advertising Means More Sales

The key to a successful sale is getting the property exposed to the greatest number of potential buyers possible. Some agents think that by holding the property back from the market in an effort to create a “frenzy” once it becomes available may not be acting in the best interest of their client. While sometimes this may work in a hot neighborhood, it benefits the seller to get mass exposure in an effort to get as close to — or even more than — asking price.

MLS rules require that a listing be entered into the listing service within 24 hours, otherwise it’s known as a “pocket listing.” The reason this practice is prohibited is to discourage agents from holding the listing back from the market while they look for their own buyer in order to financially benefit from both sides of the transaction.

If you interview an agent who tells you their plan is to NOT advertise or put your listing into the MLS…. proceed with caution. Nothnagle knows advertising works, that’s why we as a company invest in many forms of advertising — print, TV, the Internet. More advertising equals more sales and our numbers reflect this trend. We’re approaching 58% market participation — the highest ever. Our success in today’s market is all tied to our extensive advertising program and our highly trained and professional agents.

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