Getting Your House SOLD!

The local REALTOR association (GRAR) will release the July 2008 statistics on home sales in the Greater Rochester region at the end of the week. Preliminary reports indicate that sales are down 11% year to date. New business written has dropped over 27%.

Nothnagle Realtors, however, is outperforming the market with company sales close to 2007 levels. And our numbers are included in the GRAR numbers — so that means some companies have had even more dramatic decreases than the overall 11%.

Nothnagle has been hovering around 57-58% market participation, our highest ever. The reason? Because in market conditions like we face today, successful sellers know that now more than ever they need the comprehensive marketing and advertising program that ONLY Nothnagle offers. None of our competitors can market properties like we can! We invest a tremendous amount of time, effort and company dollars in our advertising — and we do so because it produces results. And our numbers back up the results, which is why our market participation is the highest ever and our sales are holding steady year over year.

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