Welcome to the Right Place at the Right Time!

If you’re contemplating buying or selling a home, research the facts and you will find many positives in the Greater Rochester market. Mortgage money is available, interest rates are at record lows, housing is affordable and prices remain stable.

For more information on the opportunities that exist in today’s marketplace, read our recent article featured in the 1/10 edition of the Democrat and Chronicle’s real estate section.

The Greater Rochester Association of Realtors recently released year-end statistics for 2008. Closings were down 13% from 2007, however median sale price remained almost even with 2007 prices. Keep in perspective that 2005 – 2007 were record years for local real estate. However, while we didn’t experience the “bubble” that occured in many other areas, we also didn’t experience the “bust” that many are in today.

Nothnagle agents are trained to weather all types of market conditions. Nothnagle Realtors increased market share during 2008, our market participation is at our highest level ever, we opened three branches and launched a franchising initiative.

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