We are Rochester!

Nothnagle Realtors and four local businesses have joined the City of Rochester’s Partnership Campaign in honor of Rochester’s 175th anniversary celebration. The billboard campaign, which was launched last week, features Nothnagle Realtors on 31 billboards positioned throughout the community. Nothnagle Realtors looks forward to participating in various activities throughout the year to honor this significant milestone for our community.

Check out our billboards at the following locations:

University Ave. E/O Elton St.
North St. N/O Inner Loop
Broad St. S/O Allen
Brooks W/O Buell
Buffalo Rd. W/O RR Trks
Buffalo Rd. N/O West St.
Vincent St. N/O State St.
Rt. 31 E/O Gillette Rd.
Lincoln N/O Dispatch
Lake Ave. N/O Stutson St.
E. Main St.W/O Winton Rd.
N. Winton S/O Blossom
Merchants N/O Hurstbourne
S. Clinton S/O Gregory St.
Lyell Ave. W/O Avery
Broad St. W/O Fitzhugh St.
Rt. 33 E/O Chili Line
Fairport Rd. E/O Baird Rd.
Allen St. W/O Canal St.
Blossom Rd. W/O Carlson Rd.
Dewey Ave. S/O Bennington
Hudson Ave. S/O Nash St.
Inner Loop E/O Plymouth Ave.
Lexington Ave. E/O Norman St.
Norton St. E/O Hollenbeck
St. Paul St. S/O Scranton St.
Smith St. E/O Vincent
N. Clinton Ave. N/O Norton St.
Mt. Read Blvd. S/O Emerson St.
W Ridge Rd E/O Glenora

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