What America Will Look Like in 2010

The New York Post featured an article on 10/25/09, regarding the upcoming census. Peter Francese, a demographic trends analyst sees four major trends for 2010.

1) The article states that by 2010 there will be close to 70 million grandparents in the U.S., a dramatic increase from 47 million in 1990. There is an increase in multiple generations residing in one house (grandparents, their children, their grandchildren). Also, Americans 50 years and older show the most economic growth and control the vast majority of assets. Francese thinks advertising dollars should shift from the current 10% spent on that demographic to 40%.

2) Within 6-12 months, women will comprise the majority of the workforce. The author cites the recession as one cause — the two hardest hit industries (construction and manufacturing) are male-dominated and the least-hit (education and health care) are favored by women.

3) Fastest growing segment is the Hispanic population and the slowest growing is white non-Hispanic.

4) South and West are growing in population while the Midwest and Northeast continue to decline.

Sources: Census: What America Will Look Like in 2010 by Maureen Callahan;
For the complete white paper from Peter Francese (Ogilvy & Mather-New York), visit adage.com.

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