Remembering Our Troops on Thanksgiving

Agents from the Penfield branch recently got together to put together care packages to send over to our troops in Iraq. The office thought it would be a great way to remind our soldiers that we’re thinking about them and grateful for the sacrifices they are making for us being so far from home and their families during the holidays. On November 19th, the office manager received the following message via email:

Dear Penfield Sales Staff:

Greetings from beautiful Iraq. Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending such wonderfully useful items. I will disperse the goodies to my Marines this evening.

We are a unit based out of Camp Lejeane, North Carolina. We have been here a few months so far and will be here for Christmas and beyond. Your treats will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

I am from Canandaigua and went to high school at McQuaid (not too far from you all) so I truly appreciate the hometown support. Thank you once again.

Captain Justin Muchard, USMC

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