Nothnagle Announces Top 30 Agents of 2009

Nothnagle Realtors held our annual awards event and company meeting on Friday, January 29, 2010. At the event, we announced the “Top 30” agents based on 2009 sales. Some of the agents making the list have been a member of this prestigious groups for many years while others just made the list for the first time. This is a tremendous achievement for all of these professionals.

Introducing this year’s Top 30….

Marcia Glenn (Penfield)
Sam Morreale (Irondequoit)
Richard Sarkis (Main)
Steve Wrobbel (Fairport)
Cathy McWilliams (Canandaigua)
Jaci Cannan (Pittsford)
Mike Drouin (Pittsford)
Vickie Howard (Pittsford)
Doug Logory (Greece)
Debbi Jacob (Pittsford)
Janis Reding (Fairport)
Brian Donovan (Pittsford)
John Masters (Greece)
Irene Bennett (Pittsford)
Mary Tubiolo (Penfield)
Pam Dickson (Gates)
Dan Patterson (Ontario)
Joy Sherry (Greece)
Kathy Keogh (Fairport)
Mary Lobene (Spencerport)
Carol Andrews (Henrietta)
Ginny Hronek (Pittsford)
Josie Licata (Penfield)
Geetha Vijay (Pittsford)
Beth Forester (Fairport)
Bob Finocchio (Fairport)
Annette Rotondo (Batavia)
Robin St. George (Fairport)
Kathy Walker (Brighton)
Sam Cretekos (Fairport)
Jim Peck (Fairport)

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