Beware of Rental Scam

One recently discovered scam uses the name of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) to pursued unsuspecting individuals to send rental deposits for the property rental’s key via Western Union. If you are looking to rent a property and are contacted by someone who says that they represent NAR, and they request that you send your deposit to them by Western Union, don’t do it! You will never see your money again, or the key to the property.

This scam has been reported but the investigation just began and people are not aware that this is a scam. If you believe you have fallen victim to this (or other scams over the Internet), please contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

General Information About All Scams

When dealing with business affairs over the Internet, there are always some things you should keep in mind to protect yourself from fraud:

* Never send money to anyone unless you know for sure (by checking legitimate sources) of their integrity.
* Never give out personal information to anyone.
* Be suspicious of people who approach you via email or on websites.
* If something sound too good to be true, it usually is just that.
* Always follow your gut instinct. If something doesn’t sound right, it’s best not to go through with it.

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