MyNothnagle Delivers Listings to You as They Hit the Market

MyNothnagle allows you to register to receive new listings that meet your search criteria as they come on the market. Choose from 25 counties throughout upstate New York. Simply select the area(s) you are looking in, choose your preferences (i.e. number of bedrooms, baths, size, etc.), then just sit back and watch for new listings to be emailed to you.

Don’t have an agent yet? That’s OK. If you’re just getting started and are not ready to talk with an agent yet, you can still register and then select an agent at a later date. Ready to find an agent? During registration, you can select from an alphebetized list of our entire roster of active agents. Already have a Nothnagle agent you are working with? You can select your agent who will then be notified of listings you are receiving through the service. Your agent will then follow up with you to determine whether or not you have any interest in going to see the property.

All Nothnagle listings provide you with multiple viewing options – photo gallery, guided tour, Nothnagle.TV and YouTube videos!

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