Routine Maintenance Best Prevention

Ongoing, routine maintenance is critical to preserving your home’s value and preventing expensive repairs down the road. Homes that have not been maintained may lose 10% or more of their value when put on the market. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression and regular, preventative updates will make your home easier to show and easier to prepare for showings.

Be proactive instead of reactive by regularly cleaning gutters and replacing furnace filters. Touch up chipped and faded paint periodically. Other suggestions include selecting a different room to update each year, make it a practice to touch up all of the painted mouldings throughout your home each year, regularly shampoo your carpets to prevent wear and tear. A thorough “Spring Cleaning” to declutter, update and make minor repairs will pay off greatly down the road, from preventing serious damage resulting in replacement costs to making it easy to whip your home into shape to put on the market.

Don’t have the time (or desire) to do these things? Check out our Home Service providers that have all been pre-screened for quality and service. We offer over 100 services, covering everything from pet containment to cleaning services to remodeling to landscaping….and much more!

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