Spring Maintenance Tips

Now that the snow has melted away, it’s time to prepare for some routine maintenance this Spring. Regular maintenance of your property will help you avoid expensive repair and replacement costs down the road.

1. Gutters. April showers bring May flowers but will also bring you big problems if your gutters are clogged. Remove any blockages and look for signs of bending, damage, and areas where water has been diverted onto the roof or siding.

2. Inspect your roof. Shingles can take a beating during the winter months. Also, check for any damage around sun roofs and/or chimneys to prevent any potential leaks.

3. Examine exterior. Walk around and check your siding, look for loose or rotting wooden boards, caulk any gaps between siding and window frames.

4. House numbers. Make sure your house numbers are still clearly visible on your mail box and the outside of your home. In the event of an emergency, it is critical for responders to be able to see your house number in order to locate you quickly.

Many repairs you can do yourself inexpensively. If you don’t have the time or know-how, Nothnagle can help! Check out our list of service providers offered through our Home Services. Our participating vendors have been screened for quality and are insured.

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