Preparing Your Home for Sale

Getting ready to put your house on the market? Your agent can provide you with helpful tips to help you prepare and maximize your home’s showings. As you prepare for your first prospective buyer to come through, now is the time to make your home shine and sparkle! First impressions are very important.

Step #1: A thorough cleaning is in order! In need of help? Our Home Services can connect you with the professionals you need to get the job done. Our partners offer a wide range of services as you prepare your home for sale. All participating vendors have undergone an extensive screening process to ensure that you only get top-quality service.

Where to begin….

First, you need to dissasociate yourself from your home. Look at it through the eyes of a buyer.

#1. De-personalize your home. You want buyers to come in and picture themselves living there…not you!

#2. De-clutter. This is so important. Now is the time to throw away the stuff you’ve been saving that has no purpose anymore — or, if it is still in good condition, there are many places that will accept your donations. Kitchen counters need to be clear. Closets need to be neatly organized. The junk drawer needs to be cleaned out.

#3. If you have too much stuff, rent a storage unit! You need to create light, open spaces in your home.

#4. Make minor general repairs around the house. Fix the leaky faucet, change lightbulbs, touch up paint, etc.

#5. Make the house sparkle inside and out. A clean porch/walkway and a freshly painted front door can make a huge difference in a buyer’s first impression of your home. Inside the house, clean baseboards, windows, polish furniture, dust everything (including light fixtures and ceiling fans) and yes….even the dreaded task of cleaning the oven!

In the end, spending a day or two (or three) cleaning and organizing will give you huge rewards in the end. Buyers like to see a well-maintained home — combine it with proper pricing and you should see results very quickly.

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