Nothnagle Numbers Outpace Industry

The National Association of Realtors recently released their 2010 Member Profile. One of the interesting statistics cited in the report indicates that the average number of transactions per agent is 7. At Nothnagle, our agents average TWICE as many transactions per agent….last year’s REALTOR Magazine “Top 100” Brokers report gave Nothnagle an average of 14.

So, as a buyer or seller, why should you care about this average? Because it demonstrates the experience and expertise of our agents. We may not be the biggest broker on the Top 100 list (although we did rank #33 in the country) but when you compare the averages across the companies, you will find we are among the most productive agents in the country and the most productive NY company on the list.

While our competition tries to use “funny math” to make themselves look bigger than they are, we don’t have to because our numbers — and 3rd party sources — speak for themselves.

One reason why Nothnagle agents are selling homes 11 days faster than the competition (1/1-4/30/10)? EXPERIENCE! And the best tools available in the marketplace.

Looking to buy or sell? You need the best….call a Nothnagle agent direct or 899-MOVE to get started today!

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