Choosing the Right Finish for Your Painting Project

Whether you’re trying to spruce up your home to sell, redecorating a room or restoring an old piece of furniture, a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. Picking out the right color is the easy part. Making sure that you select the right finish is critical to ensure that your painting project comes out perfect…and lasts.

Before you head out to buy paint, it’s important to know what the different types of finishes are and what is the appropriate finish for the job you will be doing. Is it a high traffic hallway and you have young children at home? You may want to choose an eggshell finish over a flat finish.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of finishes:

1. Flat: Good for hiding blemishes and offers a shine-free finish. The problem? If you get dirt or fingerprints on it, it doesn’t wash well…hence, the recommendation to avoid using it in high-traffic areas like staircases and hallways.

2. Eggshell: Good for hiding imperfections but also easier to clean. Has a subtle sheen and is good to use in most areas, such as living and dining rooms, but may not be the best finish for areas of the home that take more abuse, such as the kitchen or a child’s play room.

3. Satin: Offers a beautiful silky gleam and cleans very easily. Great finish for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.

4. Semigloss: High sheen and very easy to clean. Good for kitchens, bathrooms, doors and cabinets.

5. High-gloss: Super-shiny and durable, good for trim work.

Also good to know is the difference between latex and oil paint. Oil paint offers a great finish, especially in areas that take a lot of abuse such as doors and woodwork, but it is very difficult to work with. It has a much stronger odor, takes much longer to dry and can only be removed – from brushes and your hands – with paint thinner. It’s not commonly used for walls but may be the best alternative for jobs such as restoring a dresser, end table or dining room table.

Latex paint is used much more frequently. It is water-based and good for most jobs, dries quickly and is easy to clean up. While oil paint may tend to crack more with age, latex paint is very resistent.

If you don’t have the time (or desire) to take on a painting project, we can help! Nothnagle’s Home Services pre-screens professionals to ensure that you get the best quality. Our coordinators will pair you with the right contractor to fit your budget. Call today and we will help you get started!

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