How to Make a Room Look Bigger

When you’re working with a small space, whether it’s a room, your apartment or house, there are many tips you can implement that will help you open up the space to give the illusion that it is much more spacey. Conversely, there are also things you can do (the opposite of what we will cover below) that makes a space – regardless of actual square footage – look smaller.

First, using light wall colors always opens up the space versus the use of dark colors, which will make the space look much smaller. Colors to choose to make the room appear more open would be light cream, white, icy blues or pale greens and yellows.

Next, you must use furniture that is scaled to the size of the room. Putting a large, overstuffed sofa in a small room is only going to make the room appear smaller and more crowded. Another tip is to use furniture that is the same color as your walls to make it all “blend in” together. Avoid using dark wood trim or dark wood end tables. Contrast

Make use of natural light in the room. Don’t cover the windows with heavy blinds or draperies. Use sheer, light colored curtains or light colored blinds to maximize the light.

The one thing that can be big in the room is a mirror! Using a large decorative mirror or mirrors in the room will also help give the illusion of open space. Be careful when selecting other wall art in order to avoid breaking up the room too much.

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