Home Staging Tips

Everyone understands the value of de-cluttering, cleaning and refreshing a home when putting your house on the market but today getting your home to “Sold” can happen faster if the home is properly staged to appeal to potential buyers.

As a Seller you have many options when it comes to staging. There are professional stagers for hire, your agent will likely offer you some advice and suggestions or try some simple updates that can help you achieve an updated look and feel that buyers are looking for.

Tip #1: Do a technology overhaul. Old technology will date your home. Flat screen TV’s, lap top computers and wireless technology have eliminated the need for large bulky entertainment centers or massive desks. Remove the bulky stereos, TVs and furniture.

Tip #2: Appealing to singles. Sleeping spaces and the living room are the important areas that singles will be looking at as reports indicate that they view these rooms as their sanctuary from the outside world. Make the rooms inviting – candles, clean lines and soft, soothing colors.

Tip #3: Appealing to Families. Young families tend to revolve around children. Items that help this demographic envision themselves living in the space include age-appropriate bedding, linens and towels, a bright rug near play areas, and strategically placed toy chests with open tops. Since kids often play or watch TV on the floor, eliminate the coffee table to create a living room that appears larger and more inviting.

Tip #4: Appealing to Empty Nesters. Empty nesters tend to seek an upgrade in quality features. Upgrading bath accessories like towel bars and toilet paper holders or decorative hanging lights to a better quality and newer style will make an impact. If the budget allows, upgrading the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher can draw in a buyer. Lighting is also a key feature for this group. Try to maximize natural light. It’s important to open heavy blinds or window coverings when showing the home.

Tip #5: Regardless of the demographic, color is a key staging component. Most sellers are instructed to use neutral colors when repainting. However, adding the right punch of color to accent walls can create depth, enhance kitchen cabinets, or bring a boring bathroom to life. Sellers can find color in simple accessories, like throw pillows, coffee table books, and decorative canisters. Neutral colors in flooring materials, upholstery pieces and window dressing work well because they enhance brighter accents.

When choosing colors, be aware of their sensory impact:

– Red is stimulating and encourages self confidence

– Orange promotes happiness and celebration

– Yellow is uplifting and light-hearted

– Blue is calming in softer tones and promotes clarity in deeper tones

– Green is the color of nature—it feels fresh and rejuvenating

– Pink is gentle and sweet

– Purple tones bring out a sense of compassion

The key to home staging is to experiment and put yourself in the shoes of the prospective home buyer. Ask a friend or relative to give you an honest opiniong before and after you start staging. You may be surprised how little changes can make a huge difference and improve the “showability” of your home.

Looking for an agent with a staging designation? We have them! Several Nothnagle agents recently completed the Accredited Staging Professional course and earned their designation.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such important tips.There are many different Home staging Certification online from where we can get certificate in this course.Receiving certificate is most important because by this a new skiil adds in our personality and this can help us to grow our business in real estate.


  2. This was WONDERFUL. HUGE thanks for the tips. You made this a wonderful, but simple, blog. This is a great resource. KUDOS!!!

    Deirdre G


  3. Thanks for sharing those home-staging tips. Home staging is truly an essential part of selling your home and many home sellers prove the effectiveness of that strategy.
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