5 Tips for Creating Curb Appeal

In a slower market, sellers must up the ante to convince buyers that their property offers what many want most — top value for dollar spent. The key is to create curb appeal so buyers want to look inside your home. To get started, view your home from the street. Try to be objective and look at it from a buyer’s point of view. Is the landscaping neat? How does the paint, shutters, front door look? Can you see the house number? What about the mailbox?

Tip #1: Keep your lawn looking beautiful and well-tended. Regularly mow and then remove grass clippings. Nothing looks worse than clumbs of dead grass laying all over the yard. “Green” up your grass by applying fertilizer every 6-8 weeks and water it regularly, especially during dry spells.

Tip #2: Maintain your landscaping by regularly weeding, pruning trees and trimming bushes and shrubs. Flower beds add color help enliven otherwise plain areas like driveways and walkways.

Tip #3: Add outdoor lighting to your landscaping. Not everyone will drive by during daylight hours. There are many options for lighting, from professional installation to do-it-yourself kits sold at home improvement or garden stores. Highlight the items you want people to see, such as a mature tree or flowering shrubs.

Tip #4: Replace anything that looks worn, outdated or rusted such as your mailbox, house numbers, door knocker. The little touches will be appreciated by prospective buyers.

Tip #5: Add something special and unique to help differentiate it from others – a bench, big flower pots, a beautiful wreath. It will help buyers remember your property after touring several.

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