Now More Than Ever You Need a Nothnagle Agent!

The key to getting your home sold in today’s market is to get your house exposed to the widest pool of potential buyers. No one does that better than Nothnagle! And the proof is in the number. In 2010, Nothnagle agents have sold homes on average 10 days faster than the competition and our listing market share has increased roughly 2% each year for the past two years.

Why do sellers choose a Nothnagle agent? Because no one advertises like Nothnagle. We know that newspapers and the Internet work best when working together. A recent study conducted by Google shows that print advertising drives web traffic – 67% of respondents who see an ad in print go online to research it further. Nothnagle listings average a 34% increase in traffic to the web in the three days after the print ad runs. That’s why Nothnagle invests over $1 million in print advertising each year. Sellers know the Internet is a given today. Competitors offer the Internet because of the reduced cost. What can we do beyond the web? Print ads. Guaranteed.

FACT: The Saturday Democrat and Chronicle reaches on average 370,000 adults each week. No local website can attract that kind of traffic!

We recognize the power of the web and takes the Internet to a new level. We have the highest trafficked real estate site in the region because offers the best user experience. While the site has over 25,000 properties listed, only properties listed with a Nothnagle agent have our exclusive Guided Tour, can be pulled up on Nothnagle.TV and are also distributed to YouTube.

If you’re looking to sell, then look no further! Don’t leave it to chance if your agent says that people will “find your property online.” Choose the company that can deliver proven results. Exclusive tools and services that will sell your home faster. Contact any Nothnagle agent direct or call 899-MOVE to get started today!

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