Get More Print Advertising with Nothnagle

No one advertises in print like Nothnagle. Guaranteed. We know that newspapers and the Internet work best when working together. A recent study conducted by Google shows that print advertising drives web traffic – 67% of respondents who see an ad in print go online to research it further. Nothnagle listings average a 34% increase in traffic to the web in the three days after the print ad runs. Our competitors will tell you “print ads are dead, the Internet is where it’s at” simply because they’re trying to reduce their costs. Print ads cost money! We know they work, which is why Nothnagle invests over $1 million in print advertising each year. Sellers know the Internet is a given today. What can Nothnagle do beyond the web? Print ads.

FACT: The Saturday Democrat and Chronicle reaches on average 370,000 adults each week. No real estate website can reach that audience in a single day.

Find out more about our Guaranteed Print Program by contacting a Nothnagle agent direct or call 899-MOVE.

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