Nothnagle 4-Sale Line is Now Bigger & Better!

The Nothnagle 4-Sale Line® just got better! In addition to Nothnagle listings, callers can now access information on all listed properties in the Greater Rochester region.

To get information on a property listed with a Nothnagle agent, nothing has changed. Callers enter the Property Code Number (PC#), which appears on Nothnagle “for sale” yard signs and in advertisements, to get a property description and if desired, connect directly with the listing agent.

To access properties listed by a broker other than Nothnagle, callers can enter the property’s MLS number. The MLS number commonly can be found on most competitors’ advertisements and starts with the letter “R” followed by a series of numbers.

The Nothnagle 4-Sale Line® was established in 1993 and continues to get thousands of calls each month. Callers can obtain information on available homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service provides a brief description of the home, including its rooms, features, location and price. Callers can utilize the option to connect directly to an agent to get more information and to set up an appointment to tour the property.

To access the 4-Sale Line® call 585-292-8500 or toll free at 1-800-295-2797.

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