Nothnagle’s Exclusive Buy First, Sell Later Program

By selecting Nothnagle to market your home, you have an opportunity to participate in our “Buy First, Sell Later” program – exclusively available through our affiliated mortgage company, Nothnagle Home Securities Corp. Existing homeowners who are looking to buy a new home can take advantage of the many benefits this program offers, including:

• Having the ability to negotiate a non-contingent offer on the home you wish to purchase, putting you at a better advantage.

• The opportunity to lock-in at today’s low interest rates instead of waiting until your home sells.

• Advances your equity allowing for your preferred down payment – which means lower mortgage payments.

Benefits of going Non-Contingent:

• Allows you to “Buy Right.” You will have more leverage in your negotiations since there’s no need to “sweeten the pot” to get your non-contingent offer accepted.

• No fear of getting “BUMPED” on your dream home.

• You have actual dates to work from to plan your move.

• Eliminates the anxiety of being forced to close on your current home before having a new home to move into.

Contact a Nothnagle agent today for more information or our affiliated mortgage partner, Nothnagle Home Securities.

*Restrictions apply and applicants must meet certain program requirements.

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