2010 Sales Master Award Winners!

Nothnagle REALTORS® is pleased to announce winners of this year’s Sales Master Awards. The following agents are recipients of the award, given out by the Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS® at their annual awards event held Friday, November 12, 2010, at Oak Hill Country Club:

Sales Master Platinum:
Michael Drouin
Marcia Glenn
Vickie Howard
Debbi Jacob
Kathy Keogh
Doug Logory
Cathy McWilliams
Sam Morreale
Dan Patterson
Richard Sarkis
Steve Wrobbel

Sales Master Gold:
Irene Bennett
Janet Campbell
Pam Dickson
Joe DiPasquale
Brian Donovan
Judy Farrell
Bob Finocchio
Ginny Hronek
Susan Kautz
Mary Lobene
John Masters
Patty Pagani
Janis Reding
Cathy Shelansky
Joy Sherry
Mary Tubiolo
Carol Verbridge

Sales Master:
Carol Andrews
Christa Barbagallo
Roger Benton
Cathy Bianchi
Lisa Bolzner
James Briggs
Garry Britton
Lisa Chantra
Toni Connors
Nancy Crocker
Sharon Diamond
John Dretto
Don Fackelman
Larry Fisher
Beth Forester
Joan Greeno
Jamey Hinman
Keith Hiscock
Mark Hiscock
Susan Hughes
Josie Licata
John Majchrzak
Leif Mermagen
Jim Peck
John Pratt
Dennis Price
Danielle Riley
Kitty Rossetti
Annette Rotondo
Chris Saunders
Warren Seeley
Robbin Smith
Robin St. George
Vickie Sweet
David Teske
Audrey Valenti
James Van Schaffel
Geetha Vijay
Bonnie Wetzel
Cliff Wilson
Linda Wilson
Terry Wolak

The following criteria must be met to reach each level of award:

• Sales Master Platinum 100+ Closed MLS transactions or $10,000,000+ closed volume
• Sales Master Gold 60-99 Closed MLS transactions or $6,000,000+ closed volume.
• Sales Master 35-59 Closed MLS transactions or $4,000,000+ closed volume.

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