Dave Malta Realty Merges With Nothnagle Realtors

Dave Malta Realty is now Nothnagle Realtors! Dave Malta of Dave Malta Realty and Nothnagle CEO Armand D’Alfonso issued a joint announcement regarding the merger on Thursday.

Dave Malta has worked in the real estate industry since 1962 and eventually formed his own team of real estate experts to serve the area. Dave Malta and his team, agents Ginny Nguyen, David Malta Jr., and Ellen Bell-Sullivan will operate out of the Nothnagle Fairport branch at 65 S. Main Street.

“The trend in the real estate industry is for smaller firms to merge into larger ones for economies of scale,” Malta said Thursday, adding that an agency such as Nothnagle has more media buying leverage and technology capabilities than a small outfit. “It’s beyond anything I could hope to have,” he said.

“The Dave Malta team is an experienced sales force and we are so thrilled to have them on board,” said Nothnagle CEO Armand D’Alfonso.

Last month, Holly Creek, the Rochester area’s top agent in dollar volume sales, left Hunt Real Estate to join Nothnagle. The Holly Creek team consists of 10 agents.

In February, Nothnagle acquired Braeview Realty in Hilton, and it has absorbed numerous other agencies.

“Partnering with smaller agencies in the region as well as franchising outside the Rochester area are two key components of Nothnagle’s growth,” said Karen Leonardi, vice president of corporate and consumer affairs at Nothnagle.

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