A Proven System That Will Work For You

At Nothnagle, we have developed proven systems for doing the three things that are most important to real estate agents:

•Generating leads
•Marketing homes
•Switching to a better, more helpful real estate company

No real estate company does more than Nothnagle to provide our agents with leads. In the past 12 months, Nothnagle has delivered an average of 96 leads per agent.

How do we do it?

Our website not only shows all Nothnagle properties, it also shows most properties that are listed with our competitors. Since our web site is the most popular real estate web site in the region, we attract the most inquiries—both for properties listed by Nothnagle and ones listed by someone else.

Those leads go directly to our agents. And with our LeadsNow system, leads can be easily displayed, organized and tracked.

Our 4-SALE LINE® is another source of leads for our agents. When home buyers call, they are transferred directly to a Nothnagle Agent after hearing the property description.

“Nothnagle’s web site is a lead generation vehicle. . . I get leads from my own personal business as well as my competitors’. Just the other day we got a lead on someone else’s property, and it was a $500,000 buyer”. -Cathy McWilliams, Nothnagle Canandaigua Agents

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