QR Codes are on the Rise for Nothnagle!

Nothnagle has started to incorporate QR codes to make it easier for you to get connected with more information and an agent that can help you! If you haven’t seen a QR code before, it stands for “Quick Response” and it is a black & white matrix barcode. You may have seen the codes on our fliers, but they will now be available on ads in the Democrat and Chronicle, yard signs, brochures and your agent’s business card! QR codes are available if you have a Smartphone with a QR code reader (you can download an app for free if you don’t already have one). Just by one click of a button you will be taken to our mobile site and given more information on the property within 8 seconds!

So what’s the reason? A QR code saves you the time of having to open up a browser on your Smartphone and type in an actual web address. Instead by simply taking a picture of the QR code with your reader, you are taken instantly to the web page…..and you have the ability to connect with an agent.

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