Tips to Maximize Small Spaces

When selling your home, it is important to maximize your space. Easier to do in a large home, but what if you have a small house? Or a small room? There are several ways to maximize your floor space and enhance your home’s beauty.

Remember, prospective buyers appreciate what they can see so you need to make sure you are showing them what you’ve got. The most obvious tip is to remove clutter. Clutter makes the space look smaller. Clutter in the closets, on the counter tops, in cupboards and especially in rooms will “shrink” the space and hide features that should be shown off….granite countertops, custom shelving or unique features of a room.

Some additional tips to help you maximize your space:

#1. Make sure that each room is easily identifiable. The computer desk should not be in the dining room….unless the dining room is being used and marketed as an office. Otherwise, move the desk.

#2. Remove throw rugs to show off your hardwood floors and take down pictures off the walls in order to create less distractions and hence open up the space more.

#3. Remove large pieces of furniture in overstuffed rooms. Put it in storage or if you’re not going to take it to the next house, sell or donate it. The key is to create open space so that people can easily move around the room.

#4. High contrasting or dark colors make rooms look smaller. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and paint everything white! Color is good but blending and using more medium-to-light tones will help open up the space.

There are many options these days for storage, including furniture and end tables that have hidden storage built in. Another option is to install bed risers, which safely lift a bed in order to create storage space underneath.

Nothnagle’s Home Services offers short and long term storage options as well. If you just don’t have the space for everything, you can store out-of-season clothing and household items you may not need every day in order to create more space.

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