Creative Open House Ideas

Have you been experiencing slow traffic or no traffic at all during your open houses? Try these 3 ideas to discuss with your agent to make your house stand out from the rest!

1. Have a Garage Sale at the same time.

This is a great idea for two reasons. Garage sales always bring people. If they know that there is an open house at the same time, they will most likely stop in. The more people the better because word of mouth will help to get your house sold! You can also “de-clutter” your house at the same time, which makes it easier to stage as well as make a lighter move.

2. Don’t host an open house when everyone else does.

Open houses are typically on Sundays in the afternoon. Why not have one during the week after 5 when people will be driving by on their way home from work? Adding some wine and cheese will also offer a nice transition into dinner time. Even weekday mornings could work after people drop their kids off at school.

3. Have a “Full Service” Open House

Ask your agent about involving a loan officer at your open house. Potential buyers will be able to find out what financing is available to them and possibly get pre qualified. Additionally, including a contractor helps buyers envision their “dream home”. They can bring sample materials, photos and digital renderings to show the potential of the property.

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