The Importance of Staging

Many sellers do not realize the importance of staging and de-cluttering when putting their home on the market. Although many potential buyers might like how you have decorated your home and admire your collectables, they can not envision the space as their own. This is especially important for higher priced homes because the standards are set higher to earn the asking price. Serious buyers do not want to worry about doing any fixing up or repairing upon moving in to a new home.

Very often sellers work full time, have children or other priorities and that do not allow the time to put into repainting, decluttering and doing cosmetic fixes. Or maybe they think their house looks fine the way it is with plenty of family pictures, their children’s school projects on the fridge or knick knacks. That’s OK because there are professionals that can help with either scenario.

By hiring a home stager to visit and evaluate your home, they will suggest ways that you would never have thought of to transform your space. Sometimes even a change in paint color or rearranging of furniture can transform a room. An important factor is to show off the house, not hide great features like molding with bulky furniture, too much art work or loud paint colors. Even removing small appliances and soap dispensers from counter tops can make a huge difference when showing off granite or marble.

This process also helps people prepare for emotionally letting go of their former home. It is a difficult thing to remove family portraits that have been on the walls for years, but if a seller is serious about getting their house sold, these are important things to buyers.

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