Nothnagle’s Lakeville branch merges with Geneso!

Over the past eighteen months, Nothnagle REALTORS® has expanded greatly in Livingston County. Last year Youngs & Linfoot and The Edmond agency merged with the Nothnagle REALTORS® name. Nothnagle’s market share in Livingston County is currently 37% with the next closest competitor ranking at 15%.

In the past year, the Nothnagle Geneseo office, which began as a two-room satellite office in 2008, increased their sales volume by over 322% and has evolved into a 3,500 square foot office space. The newest Nothnagle location in Dansville accounts for 58% of the total sales in that market. With the increased growth of our presence in Genesee and Dansville, many agents are choosing to work out of these busier Nothnagle offices.

As a result of the tremendous response to Nothnagle in the area, President & CEO Armand D’Alfonso has decided to merge the Lakeville and Geneseo offices to bolster resources, position the offices to continue to be the dominant force in each marketplace, and continue to gain market share by bringing more business to our agents.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Company and we take great pride in the growth we have experienced in this particular market,” said President & CEO Armand D’Alfonso. “Through this move, it will allow the Company to bolster our resources, position our offices to continue to be the dominant force in each marketplace, continue to gain market share and bring more business to our agents.”

Most of the 15 Lakeville agents will be relocating to Geneseo with one transferring to the Canandaigua branch. The Geneseo office is located within seven miles of Lakeville and both Geneseo and Dansville are strategically positioned to continue to service the entire County.

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