The Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent

As a buyer, you are entitled to use your own agent to help you during your home search and to help you with negotiations. A good, knowledgeable buyer’s agent will often be a tremendous asset to you in your search – whether you are a first-time buyer and new to the process or a veteran buyer looking for a new home.

First, your buyer’s agent will give you advice on cities/towns, particular neighborhoods, and council you on many other things to consider while conducting your home search, such as the benefits of a condominium vs. a single family, the actual cost of buying/owning multi-families, and ideas on increasing equity in your home and resale factors.

Your buyer’s agent will also be able to make good referrals to additional real estate-related professionals, such as insurance agents, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, moving companies and other professionals/services you may need.

Once you find a property, your buyer’s agent will do a market analysis, often referred to as a Comparable Market Analysis (or CMA), and will discuss with you his/her professional opinion as to market value based on similar sold properties, the current local real estate market trends, inventory, and other factors. Lastly, the most crucial service a buyer agent can provide is as a skilled negotiator. An agent highly skilled at negotiating could assist you in purchasing the home that best meets your wants and needs for the best price.

Best of all? Most of the time your buyer’s agent will be paid from the commission offered by the seller, yet they still owe their full fiduciary duties to you, their client.

Nothnagle agents are trained to know market conditions and are skilled negotiators, offering superior services to buyers. Nothnagle also offers a number of tools to help you in your home search, from a comprehensive database of listings throughout 25 counties in upstate New York (as well as connections to national and global listings), to video tours on YouTube and Nothnagle.TV, to “MyNothnagle” which allows you to register to be notified of new listings meeting your criteria as they hit the market.

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