Tips to get Prepared for Thanksgiving!

With tomorrow’s holiday coming full speed ahead, you might want to read these tips to ensure nothing has slipped your mind. If you have friends and family staying with you it can be overwhelming to remember every detail when trying to prepare a meal and entertain, but hopefully these can help. Some tips are also great to consider if your home is on the market over this holiday season!

1. Supplies-get anything that your guests might need out of their usual storage space such as toilet paper, q-tips, toothpaste and any other item they might need while staying in your home and could have forgotten. Place them in open places or in decorative baskets if you are short on storage. You can also declutter linen closets and drawers to give your guests their own space during their stay for their own toiletries.

2. Guest rooms-you might be fortunate to have enough spare bedrooms, but if you don’t you can create makeshift sleeping spaces. Use bookshelves, curtains or folding screens to give your guests some privacy. Think about everything your guests might need such as towels, pillows, extra blankets, etc. and have them readily available.

3. Make Room in the Kitchen-clear off counter tops to make room for anyone who might help with dinner preparations and have space for food as it is prepared. Move your coffee maker, cups & supplies into another room so guests won’t gather in the kitchen (unless you want them to!). Put out extra stools and chairs if you do want the added company.

4. Safety Check-it gets dark around 4:30 this time of year, so make sure your entry way and any sidewalks are well lit. If you have any snow or ice in your area, make sure to shovel and put down plenty of salt to prevent slips and falls.

5. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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