Tips for Selling in the Winter

The winter can be a challenging time of year to have your house on the market, especially with issues that are only present this time of year. The good news is that if you have activity on your listing, it means the buyers are serious. Below are some tips to help you overcome the seasonal challenges when showing your home.

Easy Access: Many people like to get from the car into the house as quickly as possible in the extreme cold. Make sure your driveway and walk way is shoveled. Have your agent provide specific details about parking in the listing remarks if it is a condo/townhouse. Also, provide an area for shoes as soon as people enter the house and provide slippers or disposable booties as an added convenience.

Keep Odors Away: During this time of year we keep our windows closed which doesn’t let fresh air circulate. Bad smells, especially from pets can be a big deterrent to buyers. Purchase non-offensive air fresheners that are not overpowering. Another idea is to have cookies baking in the oven on a low temperature to let the smell penetrate the house.

Don’t Over Decorate: Minimal holiday decorating gives the home a sense of warmth and cheer, but don’t over decorate because it doesn’t allow the home to show its best features.

Let There Be Light: Since it gets dark so early, turn on all of the lights in the home, even in closets. Also, encourage day time showings if possible because the light allows the home to show better. It is a good idea to leave lights on when you go out because you never know when a potential buyer could drive by!

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on December 12, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    The baked cookie smell is an excellent way to cover up that overpowering big stinky dog smell that you can't get out of the carpets. Playing music is also a good way to cover up the annoying noise from the major roads and highways next to your house. Also, be sure to store all your stuff in along your basement walls so prospective buyers and inspectors can't see any water seepage through your foundation.


  2. I agree to close the window for keeping from smell.Light colors can keep house very valuable.In winter this color attract the buyers.


  3. It is very tough job of selling house especially in winter.No one should ignore every step of cleaning and decorating the house.I want to suggest that every appliances will be work well and the house should be lightened.


  4. Yes i agree the house should be decorate according to the need.It should not be decorated extra.It could not effect on good point.


  5. good tips for choosing the home color scheme,I will implement my recommendation in my house.Thanks for you and I am looking forward to contact you.


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