Staging your home

Staging your home can give you a great advantage when you are trying to sell. It gives you the opportunity to show prospective buyers why your home…is the ideal one!
The first thing anyone, whether it be family, friends, your agent, or a potential buyer will notice is your layout. Does it have a flow that makes transitioning from one room to another a breeze? A great idea to start with is to emphasize the flow. Remove extra furniture and clutter. If you can go throughout your home with out “zig zagging” around things then you are in pretty good shape. This will also make it seem like a more open space, giving your home a larger and less cramped feel.
Use your home’s special features to your advantage! If you have a large deck or patio, give the buyer the vision of how great it is to have one! Gorgeous kitchen counter-tops? Remove any extra items that may block them and make it seem like there is less counter space than there really is. What about a jetted tub? Draw more attention by adding just a couple candles.
Altogether, staging shows off your home’s highlights and makes it seem livable. It can also give your potential buyer plenty of helpful suggestions as they envision what their life would be like inside your home.
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