Thinking of Renting Your Home?

If you are thinking about renting your home, let us give you some tips to help!

To start with, you want to understand everything involved. From preparing the listing to collecting rent and keeping up on maintenance…being a landlord can be time consuming. Also take time to prepare your home. If you are renting just part of your home, make sure that you can secure the rental area from the rest of your home. Take note of any key points about the space. Is there laundry available? What about central air? Try and think of things that can make your property stand out above the rest!

Think about hiring people to help! Whether it be a lawyer to help with the lease or an accountant to help with finances and taxes; professionals can help. Nothnagle can help as well! We offer FULL SERVICE Property Management. We can help market and maintain your property. Feel free to call 585-756-7263 for more information.

You will also want to price competitively. Check similar prices in your area for comparable properties. Make sure to consider the bonuses when pricing but don’t forget that renters will also be looking for great deals as well. Make sure you screen your tenants carefully. Remember, they are a stranger, so checking references is never a bad thing. Once, you have found the perfect tenant, ask for an appropriate deposit and rental payment schedule.

Have you ever thought about renting your property?

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