Great Events this Weekend!

Looking for something awesome and exciting to do this weekend? There is ALWAYS something fun going on in the Rochester area! So take a look below and make some plans.

This weekend be sure to stop by the National Museum of Play! Aside from their usual mix of the Berenstain Bears, Monopoly, and countless other exhibits…they have The Wizard of Oz! Until May 13th they have an educational exhibit based completely on The Wizard of Oz. From talking like a munchkin to climbing the witch’s castle, they have it all! While you’re there don’t forget to stop by the Rainbow Reef and Sea Anemone tanks. Admission if free under for those under 2, $11 for those ages 2 – 15, and $13 for 16 and up.

Not to far from the Museum of Play you will find the Rochester Museum and Science Center which is currently has their Extreme Mammals! From the biggest mammal to the smallest of the small…RMSC has them all! Tickets are free for children under 3, $13 for 3-18, and $15 for adults.

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