Best Exterior Home Improvements

Thinking about changing something outside but want to re-coop your money if you decide to sell soon? Here are some great improvement ideas for the exterior of your home! Stand outside and look at your home as if you were someone who was interested in purchasing it. What are some things that you would change? What sticks out to you in either a negative or positive way?

Siding can make quite the impact on your curb appeal. Whether it be color, fixing damaged pieces, or adding trim…siding can make a great positive improvemnet. If you have cracked or missing pieces of siding, it can be much cheaper to just have those pieces replaced rather than having all of your siding replaced. Exterior decorative trim made of high-density polyurehane foam can also be easily added to “dress-up” the exterior of your home. (Check out our Siding Professional partners)

Next to grab your attention may be the windows and your front door. Not only would these updates benefit your curb appeal but upgrading to higher efficiency windows and doors can also gain you additional tax credits. A new front entry door is generally an easy change to make and makes a great instant home improvement. With a US average home age of 35 years and an average of 73 years in Rochester and 76 years in Buffalo…a buyer can greatly appreciate new windows. Both of these improvements help lower home energy costs and stand up to weather extremes. (Check out our Window/Door Professionals here)

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3 responses to this post.

  1. I think some of the best exterior home improvements is just to clean it up. Make sure the windows and doors are clean and looking as close to new as possible. Maybe try a different colour. Simple but effective.


  2. That is a great point! Cleaning is a simple and generally cost free change.


  3. I agree with tom that best exterior home improvements are that keep the doors and windows clean and keep every thing outside the home neat and clean.


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