Adding On or Moving Up?

To finish out this week of home projects that could increase your home value and utilize your space we will look at two last things….Adding On or Moving Up? Of course, many many factors apply here and it is always best to consult a professional like you will find in Nothnagle Home Services.

As time moves on, things change. Children are born, they grow older and yearn for freedom, family moves back in. We mentioned earlier that a use for your basement could be an in-law suite or teen apartment. But have you thought about adding on? Whether it will be a garage to hold the things that were in your basement as you convert it…a three season room so you can get all the benefits of outside but without the bugs from outside…or if you are adding on an apartment, adding on may be a best option for you. Adding on gives you total control as to what it looks like on both the inside and out. You won’t be restricted by support beams or the water heater.

But not all of us have the yard space. So what are we to do? Move out? Why not…move up? Attic spaces can sometimes be converted into additional bedrooms or even better yet, a master suite! After all, why not do something for yourself? Of course there can be restrictions with this when it comes to plumbing and supporting the extra weight. So once again you will want to contact a professional that can look at everything and help you make the decisions that are best for you.

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