Why Choose Nothnagle?

So is the question “Why choose Nothnagle?” or should it be “Why NOT choose Nothnagle?” This question applies to not only those interested in buying or selling their homes but people looking for exciting new careers either in real estate or with a different real estate company.

Let’s start with looking at our sales. This March was an outstanding month for us here…especially when it came to sales. Compared to March 2011, our sales were up $42 Million this March! What a great track we are on to beat last year where we had $1.1 Billion (our next closest competitor had $215 Million)!

Nothnagle REALTORS also support their agents with a multitude of tools. Ask any of the market’s most successful agents…you’ll find them all here with us. But is it just our exclusive tools or maybe our gauranteed print advertising program? Perhaps it’s Nothnagle.com which is the region’s #1 real estate site. It could also be all of these things.

So why not find out for yourself? Whether you are a interested in being a new agent or you’re an experienced on…take a look at JoinNothnagle.com and if you still have questions please contact us. You can find contact info on our site, comment here, or check us out below!

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