Spring To-Do List

With Spring here (or at least right around the corner) we thought it might be nice to share a nice to-do list with you. This will give you some great ideas that you may have not thought about!

Roof Repairs
Even though we didn’t have nearly the winter that we usually do, it still may have been enough to do some damage to your roof. You may want to grab the ladder and take a look; checking for any visible damage and loose shingles. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable…give one of our certified vendors a call to check it out for you.

Check Those Gutters
If you do decide to take the ladder and travel to the roof you may want to take a look at the gutters! Once again, checking for any visible damage and seeing if the gutters are still secure or if they seem a little loose. Don’t forget to check the downspouts for damage and to make sure they are still properly connected.

Yard Clean-Up
Anything that may have fallen after you cleaned-up the yard in the fall or even anything that may have accumulated during the mild winter we had should be taken care of. This will allow the grass in your yard to be able to grow properly. Replace dead plants with new ones.

Air Conditioner
If you have central air, you may have already turned it on a couple of weeks ago when we were in the high 70s. But for those with window units or just fans, most of you more than likely have yet to get them set up. You will want to check them and make sure that they are in proper working order. Finding out now ensures that when the warm weather comes (and stays) that you will be ready…and cool. Those with central air…check your filters! The heat has been running all winter so it may be time for a replacement.

Smoke Detectors
Speaking of replacement, don’t forget those smoke detectors! If you haven’t already performed the semi-annual task of testing and replacing the batteries…now is the time! And for those with CO2 detectors don’t forget to check them as well!

Of course if you ever need any assistance with anything, check out our Nothnagle Home Services program!

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