Home Inspections

If you are a first time home buyer, you may not know what to expect when it comes to a home inspection.  Today we will give you a break down of what to expect as you go through the process.

Before the inspection even happens there are two things that come to mind.  Cost and time.  How much will it cost and who pays for it?  To start, it is usually a fee payed by the home buyer and is often seen as a bargain compared to potential issues that a home can have.  But how much will it cost?  The cost can vary depending on the type of tests and the size of the home.  For more information speak directly with your Nothnagle Agent! How long does it take though?  This also varies based on the tests completed and the size of the home.  On average, a home inspection can take any where from 2-4 hours to complete everything.

During the inspection, the inspector will be checking many areas in your potential new home to make sure everything is safe.  From structural components such as your foundation and frame to interior items such as mold and damaged walls.  Everything in between is covered too!  So even the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical get checked out.  There are some additional items you can have checked as well that are not part of what is considered “standard” and your Nothnagle agent can best guide you.

Ok, so after I get my home inspection…what’s next?  What if something comes up?  Well after your inspection is complete both you and the seller will get a copy of the report.  Any problems or recommendations that were discovered during the inspection will show here.  From the report you and your agent can decide what to do next.  Do you need to negotiate some repairs or walk away?  Maybe even get a home warranty…just in case.

Still have questions?  Ask away!  Comment here or reach us at either place below.

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