National Open House Weekend!!!

Did you hear?  Do you know what is happening this weekend?  It’s National Open House Weekend!!!

National Open House Weekend is the BIGGEST 2-day housing event in the world!  Through Nothnagle REALTORS alone we are going to have well over 400 open houses.  Even though we have had a great start to 2012, we expect this weekend to be the perfect kick-off to one of the busiest spring buying seasons we have ever had.

That is great news for both buyers and sellers.  In western New York we still have low interest rates on mortgages and  great affordability so don’t miss out!  Even if you aren’t quite in the market to purchase a home yet or even if you are interested in selling, get out to an open house.  That will give you a chance to meet an agent that would be able to assist you.

Be sure to keep up with us by liking/following us and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!
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