5 Tools for a First-Time Homeowner

If you are a first time homeowner this is more than likely something you have yet to think about. I mean if something breaks where you are now you are more than likely going to be calling either you parents or the landlord.  But now the home is yours and with that comes the maintenance responsibility as well.  So here are the 5 must have tools so you can keep up with everything.

  • Hammer – There is so much that a hammer can do that there is no reason not to have one!  Putting nails into the wall, taking them out, or even using the claw to pull weeds out of your garden.  The hammer is a must have.
  • Tape Measure – Often over-looked until you need to measure something then what do you do?  Pull out a dollar bill and count how many dollar bills wide your new entertainment system can be?  Trust us, the tape measure is something you will want to have around.
  • 4 Headed Screwdriver –  Oh you already have a screwdriver!  But are you sure it’s the right one?  How many times have you gone to fix something that was loose just to find out you needed a flat head and all you had was a phillips head?  With the 4 headed screwdriver you get small and large of both.
  • Pliers – There are a few different types out there so you may want to grab more than one.  But they are handy!  Tightening nuts, loosening soda bottle caps, using a towel as protection and bending the tip of a metal fence back.  With those options and more, a must have the must be!
  • Utility Knife – This is another often looked over tool that should be in the tool box.  Stronger than a box cutter, a utility knife can score drywall, cut rope and wires, and it can open a box too.
With these 5 basic tools a new homeowner can at least have a nice start to maintaining their own home.  Are there any others you recommend?  Leave them here in the comments or let us know at either place below.

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