Moving to Western New York?

Have you ever relocated for a job, family, school or any reason at all?  Then we are sure you know how hard it is to know exactly what you are looking for without having ever lived (or even visited in some cases) in that area..  And if you have never relocated, you may not know what to expect or where to start!  We here at Nothnagle REALTORS are here to help.

It is always a great first step to create your own “wish list” that includes things you like about your current home along with things you want in your new home. There may be things such as: four bedrooms, a master bath, gas oven, and an in ground pool. It may also be best to break the list into “must haves” and
“would likes” so that you know where you are willing to compromise.

Your next step would be finding a REALTOR that suits your needs and can best assist you for what you are looking for.  Nothnagle can help you with that.  We have a whole relocation team that specializes in getting you matched with an agent to best assist you.  These agents have worked with people moving into the area before so they know what to expect.  They know their areas and can answer any questions for you that you may have about schools, things to do, taxes, and everything in-between.

So don’t hesitate!  Contact one of our Nothnagle Realtors Relocation specialists today!

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